1. This is like the Wayne vs Mario debate. One was the better player, the other had a better career.

  2. Finally a GM that has convinced ownership it cannot be rushed and to just patiently develop things. Happy to be patient when things are going the right general direction for once.

  3. Until the puck is in our end, then it might be a nightmare.

  4. And Briere even said that he was all set to keep playing in Buffalo and finish his career here.

  5. He said he was ready to take a team friendly deal to keep the team together because he wanted to win. That’s the part that hurts.

  6. Almost weekly now I still watch highlights from 05-07. The Campbell hit, brieres overtime winner, drurys game tying goal and afinogenovs overtime winner, dumonts overtime winner, pomminville knocking out the sens, the sabres senators brawl. So many defining moments.

  7. They had two shorties that comeback game too, and most of their goals came in the first or last minute of a period.

  8. Were they tracking this when Olofsson had that invisible shot a year or 2 ago? Anyone else remember that?

  9. And hey, you're the one that was chatting with me about my calculations in that thread too!

  10. Haha oh hey! And thank you for posting, was great to see that again.

  11. The footnote mentioning that the concept of a witch's broom being a sexual metaphor is "a phallussy".

  12. Fiala would be a good pickup but have to imagine they want someone we probably shouldn’t trade. I’d love to see the asking price

  13. Price was 19th OA and a defensive prospect (Brock Faber) - so our equivalent probably would have been something like 16th and Johnson. Which is more than anyone here wanted to give up.

  14. I would’ve done that in a heart beat, the only thing that would give me pause is the seven year extension.

  15. I think it means this too. 12.5% is pretty steep to lend to people, so it shows that Gilt is gilty (a-ha) of usury as well as being a pirate.

  16. Like Llamedos? It's a very backwards place, I've heard ;)

  17. You think hot girls are good at giving head? You’ve clearly never gotten head from an attractive woman…

  18. I just got all three meanings and feel profoundly smarter now

  19. You came back after two months, just for that? Whew. I’d ask if I owe you rent for that space I own in your head, but since you think WoT characters are good, I feel like there’s enough vacancies there to suggest I’m there rent free.

  20. The only thing sadder than your smack talk is your ability to recognize quality literature.

  21. She thinks she's clowning him but UPL got that ass just by saying he was an NHLer

  22. For the sake of the duck, I hope it's not a rectal thermometer.

  23. I was at this game. This hit was energizing and incredible. The arena exploded and it was the loudest I had ever heard an arena (surpassed shortly by Briere's goal in 2OT). Still get chills.

  24. If I recall correctly he was back for game 3 or 4 or something, and was met with a resounding applause when he got back to HSBC.

  25. He was, and he did. He wasn’t the same though. He was clearly still not ready to play. If the Sabres winning the series didn’t already make me happy, making it so the flyers couldn’t let him play with a broken brain definitely would have done it.

  26. I’m waiting on VR stadium seating. Can sit next to friends without ever leaving your house.

  27. If there was a way to read Night Watch last, I would vote for that. It’s my favorite one, hands down. Vimes is so good in it, and so is Sam.

  28. back it down about 10-20% there squirrely dan

  29. Fuck you Reilly, tell your mom to stop calling will I’m banging Jonesy’s mom, it’s throwing off my game!

  30. Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

  31. It's even simpler than that: there's no free energy machines could exist. Point. If you see any - you don't even have to think why this couldn't work, because the fact is - it definitely do not work. The real explanation why perpetuum mobile is impossible even hypothetically lies deep in cosmology and quantum physics and requires profound knowledge in these fields. Also, seemingly paradoxical, there's nearby the fact that universe actually does break law of conservation of energy and it kinda works like perpetuum mobile - in form of space expansion, which lowers energy of a photons, and creates vacuum energy.

  32. What about a generator that used oceanic tides? Basically gravity generated power.

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