1. And don't murder someone half your size because they punched you in the face.

  2. Dont be a little bitch who escalates a fist fight into a gun fight where the only one with a gun is yourself

  3. You'd probably need different leagues for species. A Cheetah for example would be OP in running sports, while elephants would destroy in weight lifting.

  4. Okay, cool? I'm a millennial and I own several. Boomer gun culture is very different from millennial and zoomer gun culture.

  5. Have you talked to a boomer that's into guns? There's a reason the Fudd meme exists.

  6. Yes, I actually have, my Grandfather is one of them. He helped me pick out my first shotgun, which was a Mossberg 500 with an 18.5-inch barrel. All black.

  7. Probably because the trigger breaks off and you can't shoot them.

  8. https://www.google.com/search?q=taurus+broken+trigger+safety+site%3Awww.taurusarmed.net&bih=975&biw=1920&hl=en&sxsrf=AJOqlzWjm4bQ5ONatrfVcTezvLXLtNIgKg%3A1675013090188&ei=4qvWY4qVC8_2sAfrsI-ACQ&ved=0ahUKEwiKjvCBpu38AhVPO-wKHWvYA5AQ4dUDCBE&uact=5&oq=taurus+broken+trigger+safety+site%3Awww.taurusarmed.net&gs_lcp=Cgxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAQAzoICAAQogQQsAM6BQghEKABOgUIIRCrAjoICCEQFhAeEB1KBAhBGAFKBAhGGABQwitYhXdg9npoB3AAeACAAdsBiAHhI5IBBjAuMjcuMpgBAKABAcgBBMABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz-serp#ip=1

  9. The gun store is always sold out whenever I go, maybe I should just buy the bullets and throw them really really fast

  10. For future reference on gender don't split trans we're not another gender and for example as a trans man I'd feel like I have to other myself pressing trans instead of my actual gender in the name of being accurately presented Just man woman non binary and other is perfect

  11. Sorry, I was just curious as to the percentage. But there was really no other place to ask.

  12. It mentions in the Manga that animals like Elephants are mostly left unharassed by Carnivores simply due to their strength.

  13. Before, the sun will rise in the west the day the day of judgement happens

  14. Hispanic and Latino only describes where someone is from. You can be Asian, White, Black, Arab, etc and be Hispanic .

  15. I have to respect him for using an M16a2 (or could be an M16a3), however, his rifle seems to be lacking a safety/fire selector, bolt catch, or magazine release. Add this together with his "tactical" vest, and I think he is woefully unprepared for any possible future engagements (seriously man, if you can afford an M16a2, you can buy a damn plate carrier so you don't get ventilated).

  16. Rokume isn't his imagination. Durham and Miguno saw rokume.

  17. Yes, so thus it’s not like Legoshi and ONLY him saw Rokume and nobody else. So the snake isn’t merely a figment of his imagination. Even if (his/hers/whatever) size is a little hard to swallow that doesn’t mean it’s just something his brain cooked up.

  18. They think they saw something. They told Legosi, and his mind just pieced Rokume together.

  19. They think they saw something. They told Legosi, and his mind just pieced Rokume together.

  20. People are conflicted. It's not atrocious by any means, some people just don't like it.

  21. I didn't know where else to put the option, and I was really curious about the LGBTQ+ representation within our community.

  22. Nah. Most Chuds have adopted the chudjak. Many make memes with the chud representing themselves. So it's hard to tell whether a meme is making fun of them, or if it is their genuine belief.

  23. I think it mostly comes down to what the purpose of the character is.

  24. I think my 4-year-old sister has painted Huggy Wuggy in this exact art style

  25. Most ACTUAL Klansmen and Nazis hate cops. FBI, and Feds because they are agents of the NWO and ZOG.

  26. They hate them because law enforcement stops them from just slaughtering black people. This is their ACTUAL belief.

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