1. Yellow Lantern VS Nemesis Prime (Injustice VS Michael Bay's Transformers)

  2. I'm pretty sure it's country to planetary for Hal and town-level for Nemesis

  3. The fact I genuinely dunno who'd win the votes is concerning

  4. Erron Black. His X design perfectly captured the look of a sinister cowboy, but his 11 one is so fucking generic

  5. "Thats what the trans community fails to understand" Bro thinks he's being profound 💀

  6. Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto. There is seriously some cosmic horror shit going on in that universe

  7. Wait this sounds alot like Raoh (Fist Of The North Star)/Akuma (Street Fighter) more so than Adam?

  8. True. At least now I have two more matchups to rant about to my friends, thanks

  9. That would be unironically hilarious though I understand not wanting to draw attention to Evolution

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