1. Man, I really hope that Byleth vs Traveler and Neo vs Kirito doesn't happen. I hate those. Like really do. I also don't like Luigi vs Pac-Man but I ain't gonna be mad if it happens.

  2. I really like Neo vs Kirito personally, I hate Luigi vs Pac-Man way more

  3. I honestly hope the byelth vs traveler one doesnt happen

  4. Same, but both Fire Emblem and Genshin are being considered to be on the show and I wanted to use one that was likely but wasn't on the champions poll, and that was what I got

  5. Here I was thinking this matchup was at least a few years off, but nope, it's already on the table, nice

  6. This is why I’ve always been an advocate for McCree vs John Marston. Video game cowboys + WAY more connections

  7. Someone telling me another matchup has more connections and is better than a matchup I created and love. Then they immediately asked me what the connections are for the MU I created, which frustrated me and really annoyed me because it shows they didn't even know what they were talking about, and then they called the connections for my matchup generic when they found the connections. It was probably my least favorite conversation in this subreddit so far and the worst take I seen.

  8. It wasn't really a matchup post directly sharing the MU, it was a post I made showing all the art and thumbnails people made for the MU. But it doesn't change the fact the interaction was frustrating and irritating.

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