1. Her hair never changes. She wears it the same every single day lol

  2. But that’s her style, her hair is beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  3. I think she looks beautiful and it’s flattering on her! I’m happy for the both of them. I was so invested in their season so I love that they’re still together and happy. 🥺

  4. It is unrelated, but it is because your tooth is partially erupted. It's probably pressing against the tooth in front of it, which can cause problems with that tooth. Gum tissue doesn't attach to enamel, so that's basically a food pouch that's impossible to clean. You should get it out before it starts to cause problems and while you're still young and can recover quickly.

  5. If it’s not causing pain or other issues and coming in okay, you don’t have to get them removed. I’m not NAD but I work at a dentists office and my own personal dentist has told me that mine are coming in fine and as long as they continue to be unproblematic, it isn’t necessary.

  6. Last year this day was the worst day of my life, just been told I’d had a miscarriage and was prepping for surgery the next day. This year brings hope (28 weeks pregnant) but still a hard day. Sending love to all who are struggling today. ❤️

  7. Aww, hugs — I’m right there with you! I’m 25 weeks pregnant today, but suffered a miscarriage last April. Every day after that felt so dark and heavy. This pregnancy has been a healing process for me.

  8. I’m always distracted by Madi’s dad’s eyebrow shape when I see him in pics. lol

  9. “Realist G in town” “my shawty” “drizzy drake” The cringe is unmatched🥴🥴🥴

  10. Since it could not be altered and she is definitely shorter than Marilyn Monroe was, that explains the choice of shoes. 😅

  11. I was so pissed at Alexis lying and framing it as “the first thing he said to me was that I was unattractive” witch, no. He said that like the 2nd or 3rd time after sitting down with you in response to a direct question you asked him about why he didn’t think the two of you had a connection, and him telling you that was 100% fair and honest. Colby had issues like everyone else there, but the ones Alexis tried to say he had were stupid. She just couldn’t admit her pride was hurt by being told she was unattractive to someone she considered attractive.

  12. His face at times also reminds me of Elon Musk in a bizarre way, like he could be Elon Musk's son or nephew or something.

  13. NAD, but looks like a tonsil stone. You can dislodge it with a toothbrush, it's nasty, though. They smell TERRIBLE, too, btw.

  14. I feel like someone’s gonna end up saying this might be cancer and he should go get checked out and then his life will be saved. So tell him to go to the doctors and if I save his life I want a pizza

  15. Yeah, if that’s a mole and it appeared out of nowhere, I would go to a dermatologist and get it checked out ASAP just to make sure it’s not melanoma.

  16. I think they are together and in a relationship, and I also believe Rihanna saw her clock ticking and wanted to be a mom. She says she didnt plan it, but come on if you don't use protection you definitely knew the possibility of a child.

  17. Her exact quote in Vogue was: “I wouldn't say planning. But certainly not planning against it. I don't know when I ovulate or any of that type of s***. We just had fun.”

  18. Otis the drunk character on Andy Griffith, Milo and Otis, and then the ax in that creepy movie Frailty that was called OTIS. I've never thought of it as a particularly attractive name, probably because of all of those associations.

  19. Was coming to say this, was worried about dating myself (reruns… I watched them on reruns). Haha

  20. LOL, I’m 28, but I grew up seeing it on TVLand, my grandparents watched it a lot, and I honestly have a lot of happy memories from watching it with them.

  21. Maybe you could encourage her to be a songwriter that writes for other singers, that can be lucrative, not have you in the spotlight all the time, but also would allow her to perform for others as well and collaborate with artists. Sure, it's not as glorifying as being a full-on performer, but it's realistic and more achievable in this scenario.

  22. A lot of commenters have been saying that glioblastomas are hereditary, but this is actually not typically the case.

  23. Asbestos causes mesothelioma, which is a type of lung cancer. Not brain cancer. My great-grandmother passed away from this disease from exposure to it when she was younger.

  24. When I was a teen, I had a guy friend that I had a love/hate friendship with. We would argue all the time, but also laugh and tease a lot. One time at a birthday party a helium balloon got accidentally released into the sky by one of the other kids and I remember we were watching it sail away into the sky and trying to not lose sight of it. At one point I turned and looked away from where the visual remainder of the red balloon was a tiny black dot in the sky and looked at him, only to notice he had been staring at me the whole time. Made me feel a type of way.

  25. When I was 7 I was reading an old mystery book from the 50s and pronounced one of the characters, Pamela, as “Pa-Mella” and my mom laughed.

  26. Some Corinnes do pronounce it Coreen, I’ve met one. It was quite annoying 😆

  27. Thank God for space heaters! I’m usually a chronically cold person, but I’ve been on the other end of the thermometer before where it’s too hot inside. For the most part, I’ve just tolerated whatever the temperature of the room was, because I hate making other people unhappy more than I like being comfortable, apparently.

  28. Joe Alwyn has become a master at answering a question politely while saying absolutely nothing of any substance. He did not say he was going to write more songs or that he was not going to. He did not "plan" to write songs for folklore or evermore but he did. The same non answers are deployed when asked about marriage or engagement. He could say fuck off and mind your own business but instead he says variations around I am not answering these questions. I am surprised journalists even bother to ask about that stuff. Just ask him about his new TV show and leave it at that.

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