1. He’s charismatic and a badass with a code. He does get a good bit of background development with his drip group too. Kinda love bros character especially on a reread he’s like a knight slaying different beast each round.

  2. But how do you know Raian has a way to deal with pre initiative? So he didn’t even need removal to beat Ohma in their spar. Raian has no known way to deal with pre initiative either.

  3. I’m trying to stay calm because I literally say “could”. I’m begging you to actually read my comments and what I’m saying.

  4. I guess man, but I still think that the stat difference between Fei and Ohma is too big for Ohma to win and we can’t really say anything about pre initiative beating or being useless against stat freaks like Fei and Eddie. Let’s agree to disagree man, but it was a good debate.

  5. Yeah but most stuff is obviously unrealistic and I'm fine with that because most times it's cooler. Here it's just a bad excuse to get out of a really interesting position

  6. Or it’s just a move available to the character💀💀

  7. Yeah it's probably tied to kureishis ability to dislocate anything by just making light contact with your skin

  8. His bones are harder and more rigged doesn’t make them immune to displacement/dislocation

  9. I’m not talking about breaking I’m talking about dislocation and displacement. He specifically is more rigid but obviously not by so much they he can’t be locked or dislocated. Strength wouldn’t really change much he’s not gonna muscle his bones into place.

  10. Sorry but I'm not buying that, taking a bunch of elbows in the back like that, from someone bigger than you (which they made sure to point out in the beginning) and with harder bones that were able to

  11. Joji humbles all of his tier, all of the next one and for sure Rolon and Raian too...

  12. I wish seeker characters were as strong as y’all claimed I really do

  13. I was literally looking at this today tryna theorize/arguing with someone

  14. I’m saying it because during r2 he was trying to beat everyone on their own game

  15. This is by no means directed at you at all. There is a general idea that agito will fight his opponents at their own style. That’s not always the case and there are numerous in universe examples pre r3. You’re English is pretty fucking good too

  16. Hatsumi directly confirmed that Agito “Always tried to beat someone at their own game”

  17. Hatsumi would have had to watch 156 of agitos fights to come to that conclusion.

  18. Couldn’t agree more. Nitoku was really talking out his ass for half that match. All things considered Nitoku has had it pretty easy compared to Liu

  19. Nigga got a god body and is complaining about his lack of writing ability

  20. THATS WHAT I’M SAYING BRUH! There are Mother fuckers out here who aren’t good at ANYTHING and he’s whining about being the equivalent to Japanese Hercules

  21. 💀💀 yeah sandro just couldn’t execute it right that’s ok tho

  22. Wasn’t bro like 19 atp you really think he had pre initiative then

  23. Yeah, he also kept up with Kuroki in that same battle. Idk how you're doing that without PI.

  24. 1: Not explaining something illogical because "mistery" = bad plot. Please anybody tell me how the fuck losing the Wu clan, many of their top combatants, getting attacked by the mafia and exposed to the world "goes according to the Worms plans". Even more, please somebody explain to me how the tournament was supposed to "expose the worm" if all of the worms decided to expose themselves for absolute retard reasons. Naidad could have fought without telling anybody he was a worm, the same goes for Lu Tian and Fei, they just decided to expose themselves for plot.

  25. 1: You cant say "everything goes according to the plan" if some of your strongest allies lost.

  26. Maybe Raian would make to the semi-finals, since he's been stated to be relative to Omega Ohma. Him against Wakatsuki would be an absolute blast to watch, and could go either way.

  27. Edit: I ended up writing more than I expected lol. Enjoy the reading I guess.

  28. Guess I have to do this here. To preface I’m specifically talking about omega Raian and wakatsuki in a vacuum. This would be them in character so Raian would reasonably want to kill him.

  29. Just to diss the storyline, it means Chiba can copy it if it's not unique? It's just Chiba were always bodybagged in every fight he has.

  30. I said this and people had a problem. Bros the least imposing villain despite being the most powerful.

  31. A creation that for some reasons he's unable to use? Moreover there are still the many statements saying that he taught Formless including one in Lu Tian's character profile

  32. Formless is something which was taught and that TN can use though. When Kanoh first talked about it, he said "use his techniques". I doubt he would say "his" if that wasn't something proper to TN which he could use. Lu Tian also said that that the first generation were taught both the Formless Style and the NS while TN put his full focus on Formless for the second generation. Moreover in the flashback with Edward, TN said that he'll make learn Guihun to the students he's teaching Formless. Formless is taught

  33. There's a lot that I'd like to add to this and I'm going to re-read the parts about the Tiger's vessel as well. I don't know if the Tiger's vessel is just a side project of Tiger Niko or if it takes part in the plot of the worm at large. I do believe that with the cloning, Yan being very secretive about the clone's source, Worm funding research on mind uploading and the revival of one's spirit through huisheng being established the idea of the Worm's motivation being revival of an ancient leader wouldn't be out of the question.

  34. The connector atleast in huesing is a vessel for the person to transfer into

  35. I was baffled that people thought this was a fight to see metsudo or a prequel

  36. Knowing about something and knowing how to do something are very different things, tiger niko not knowing how to do demons bane Is pretty evident after ohma came back from the forest and was attacked tiger niko referred to is as “his shitty technique” it’s more than likely he doesn’t have the ability to use it. The basis for fei knowing all those techniques (aside from demons bane) is fairly simple aswell in order to do ironbreaker barrage you need to be able to do iron breaker he also directly uses weeping willow

  37. Guihun 100% isn't something common, we saw him rushing Raian pretty quickly, and Okubo himself said he's damn strong. Considering how his stats with Guihun are enhanced, not even sure grappling is an option.

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