I built my dream ‘80s Video “Store” in my basement over 4 long years. Enjoy 🍻📼💥 #atl #mondovideo

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  1. Excellent thanks. Maybe an early Christmas present for me then:-)

  2. I have an RGB modded N64. It's not worth the money unless you're a super fan of the console. The resolution is so abysmally low that not even an RGB and deblur mod do much service. Get one of the HDMI adapters and call it a day.

  3. I miss Heat.net! The platform had its own Quake mod with jetpacks and flamethrowers. It was a bunch of fun. It also had a cool airplane racing game that I believe was its only studio effort. Logging in introduced players to a neat loading window with some cool audio!

  4. That was my first reaction too. She's not saying she deserves a millionaire trophy husband, she is just sad she doesn't have a partner to share her life with and take care of her in her time of need.

  5. Seeing friends even in our late 30s... Yeah, there's often a reason why people are still single into their 40s. I've heard nightmare after nightmare about online dating in one's 30s. So her buffoon comment shouldn't be construed as being choosy.

  6. Should be easy to figure out. If the furniture was easily pulled apart by a child so these could be retrieved it was probably the cheapest piece of furniture in your home and it's probably still in pieces

  7. God how this dude is famous and rich will forever blow my mind. He sucks on literally EVERY level.

  8. His parents were traditional Arabic musicians. If one is a working classical musician that usually means one is compensated for it.

  9. This is my go-to in Old City if I'm in the area. Rival Bros. for South Philly and Broad to 30th and ReAnimator or Green Line for West Philly. Knockbox has a wider variety of food than other coffee shops in West Philly, but the coffee itself is mediocre.

  10. I can see him not hitting the RGB button/line button or he didn't know how to connect anything to BNC. These little PVMs are sturdy and the components are often still good after all of these years.

  11. OP, with all due respect, I think he was implying that you overpaid.

  12. Looks like their motheboards/memory chips are almost gone. Given their age, could be many things: rust, surges etc.

  13. Every year I see more reports about how MCBs, PCBs, and GPUs on SNES consoles are failing. As of yet there's no data on which revision of consoles chip failure is affecting most. I've seen pictures of GPUs on SNES consoles literally unravel.

  14. Remember to have fun with it and that the Switch doesn't have a trophy system. I'm a collect-a-holic: I was running into twink after twink until I realized it was because DS1 on Switch doesn't have a trophy system and therefore many players skip content to strictly PVP. Play this version to have fun, not to be a completionist (unless it's your first time).

  15. Twinks are low level, high gear/kitted out builds. They rush end-game content to be overpowered at low levels to annihilate players early into their play throughs.

  16. What absolutely backwards thinking. He should have gotten aggressive as shit right from the start. But he's probably more worried about what the institutions think. Not a leader at all.

  17. That's been his mentality from the start. Any time over the past decade The Fed hinted at raising rates the MMs held it hostage by mass sell offs. They're all in cahoots and it was just a means to extract as much money from the system as they can.

  18. My Wii uses the cheap $15 converter and it looks better than component. The Wii in particular is at a weird crossroad A/V output wise. It's just going to come down to preference.

  19. Glad to hear it's not actually a metroidvania - no time for that, I may actually play my copy now.

  20. The levels are pretty expansive, but, yes, very linear with amazing graphics.

  21. I'm pretty sure most Fromsoftware fans play on PlayStation or on PC. The community on Xbox is a lot smaller. At least that's what it seems like with my experience from playing Dark Souls 2 and 3 on both Xbox and PlayStation.

  22. Let's not forget that Sony is spanking Microsoft. What was it? PlayStation outsold XBox two or three to one? That is a substantially smaller player base. Souls players have largely been on Sony platforms and you're right about PC,

  23. Pic #4 (tap to enlarge photo) 🔥🔥

  24. Dude where did you find a gravis gamepad, that thing was the best.

  25. That is quite complex pixel art. How do you go about animating snow like that? I see several "tiles" and repeated patterns, but it's just so smooth with much going on.

  26. In hindsight I should've bought a Japanese Saturn. There are a few Japanese games that require the cartridge slot and as a result they're impossible to play on a U.S. console. Pseudo Saturn can have a few incompatibilities with games, too.

  27. Sexual harassment laws and regulations would be absolutely no obstruction to male-female cooperation in the workplace, if they were bound in the same way our legal system is. Specifically if innocent before proven guilty, and proof beyond a reasonable doubt, are the criteria necessary before punishments like firing can be doled out to the offenders.

  28. My sister is a trashy attractive woman. On numerous occasions she filed or threatened sexual harassment against her coworkers. I'll never forget how one time she finagled a pick-up truck out of it. While sometimes it was legit, other times I'm positive she flirted to get what she wanted. When the advances became too much she threatened with sexual harassment.

  29. I'd love to know how these people create these ultra custom builds. The only thing I can think of is that they often have fabrication and other design industry machinery.

  30. Nice! And thank you. The more custom lenses are always a mystery to me as to where they're sourced. HHL gets cooler and cooler shells in every year. The printing tech just keeps getting better! I'm always half tempted to reshell some of my custom Game Boys.

  31. This is exactly what I use. Are people so thick that they don't remember that not everything has to have an app? I hate "apps" and do my best to avoid having to download them when possible.

  32. Fed is the root cause from near 0% interest rates where money printer worked overtime since 2008. Inflation is the tax imposed on all of us by the private banks that own the Fed, This fueled the wild speculation in equities, real estate, and 1 quadrillion of derivatives leading us to this point. "Buffet Factor" of total market capitalization as a ratio to GDP is at a staggering 161% or so. Equity margins that fueled cash real estate bubble will also pop. China Evergrande is another tsunami still lurking.

  33. I wish more people followed economics before jumping on investing during the pandemic.

  34. Keep it diversified they said

  35. Absolutely. I still can't believe that such a colossal game has not been re-released in any shape or form. Nintendo set things right with Earthbound, what the hell is Sega doing? That game should be one of their proudest accomplishments.

  36. Sega have shit the bed so many times it's not even funny.

  37. You have to remember that Sega is a shell of its former self. It sold off at least one of its major arcade locations this year. At this point Sega's more of an IP and licensing company. I feel like it doesn't even have its own in-house dev team anymore.

  38. That would be great and I'm sure Sega would love to rerelease Panzer Dragoon Saga, but the source code is believed to be lost.

  39. COVID, lockdowns, companies stupidly relying on "just in time" business philosophies that fall apart after even just a hiccup, pent-up demand, inflation, start the cycle over again. Boutique retro game accessory makers are way down the chain and have to wait for parts to become available reliably and for reasonable prices.

  40. That "just-in-time" B.S.! Corporate profit making nonsense: Not having stockpiles is exactly what led us to where we are and is exactly why (I forget which major: NVidia, Intel?) is already breaking ground on a U.S. capacitor factory.

  41. I don't have any insider information other than what they've said on Twitter, but I do know a lot of stuff is still hard to get, especially in smaller volumes. HD Retrovision could only get enough parts to make a batch of Genesis cables and had to skip out on SNES cables last time, for example. Insurrection Industries has been struggling to keep their cables in stock but has restocked a few times recently. RGC does currently have stock of their SCART cables, depending on which console you need it for. Retro Access is always backed up because their high-end cables are all handmade by Rachel herself, though they've still been opening orders every few weeks. Demand for this stuff is still really high, so you need to pay attention and watch for restocks.

  42. The automatic SCART switchers that most retro suppliers use are from Alibaba. I used a Brazilian retro supplier to buy mine and it was directly shipping from China to me in The U.S. Alibaba is essentially a drop-shipping service where you directly speak to industry brokers. It is not fun to use.

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