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  1. We both know where each other stands. I'm definitely not trying to lead her on or take it away from her.

  2. Cheers, I don't have a handheld extractor but I might be able to borrow one. Or maybe just hire my friendly neighborhood detailer who does.

  3. I use my s7 all the time offroading never had any issues, mainly use osmand and exploroz, and tomtom go for navigating around towns etc

  4. Very good to know! I'll have to check out those apps as well. How is the accuracy?

  5. I, like others here, am a little confused as to EXACTLY what you want, but maybe look into the Kenwood DNX577S head unit??? It has built in Garmin gps navigation, 4 camera inputs (rear, side, dash, and 4th for whatever else), Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, 13 band EQ, tons of sound settings, great user interface, nice looking screen, plays cd and dvd, and more. Might be able to work something out with that unit. Little pricey with the current inflation and supply chain issues at $799. Also, instead of the cassette deck, you can use a music app like Apple Music or Spotify, or load your music onto a usb flash drive.

  6. Yes I know I can use a different audio input source and I'm going out of my way to have a cassette deck, but I collect cassettes so I'd like to be able to play them.

  7. I don't understand why you want AA. If your audio source is a cassette deck, and your maps are from an external device that is not a phone, and phone calls go over Bluetooth which doesn't need AA anyway, then what's the point?

  8. I'd like to be able to use the cassette deck as audio input in addition to AA (IE so I can run spotify or a podcast app).

  9. This. I had a larger lip spoiler on my car for years with 3M tape and it held up super well. Just make sure to clean the truck first.

  10. I live in Charlotte and drove up last tuesday to go to the game FWIW. There are some fans

  11. I swear he mentioned stepping back from podcasts to do a speaking tour, but that he already had an idea for his next podcast but the timeframe might be 2024.

  12. I definitely remember him saying he would be taking quite a break from podcasts.

  13. Looking good, I see 40 series at the whitewater center all the time

  14. Thats where this was taken. On my way out saw 40 and had to stop for pic.

  15. Terraria might be worth looking into. It's a 2d Minecraft-esque game with much more of an emphasis on combat than Minecraft had.

  16. I played a bit of terraria back in the day, and I'm not sure it would quite be for us but thanks for the suggestion!

  17. SW The Old Republic? Its free to play up to level 60 if I remember well. One of my friends plays with her husband.

  18. I really like SWTOR, I've played it a good bit in the past and I think the original class storylines are some of the best in any game.

  19. DnD. Wanna get into it and make/enjoy so adventures but don't wanna hold everyone else back because everyone has to explain that sharting on an Orc isn't an attack.

  20. Best coffee if you're into straight coffee and not syrupy drinks is Hex Coffee in Camp North End bar none. It's a bit small but the staff is great, they make great drinks, and their beans are always excellent.

  21. I like the whole set, but 3/5 is gold the empty chairs going off into the abyss is just perfect

  22. I'd check to make sure you didn't get a ton of spray paint on everything (ie radiator) behind the grill

  23. My bad I quickly googled "elvis operator" and thought it was another name for the ternary operator

  24. For us C# noobs, what does the elvis operator do?

  25. I think this was a reference to Skyward Sword, not BOTW2.

  26. That does make sense, I haven't played Skyward Sword so it didn't occur to me. Could be a reference to both too?

  27. Sub cancelled. Great to see the new owners of Jagex are lining their pockets

  28. Looking for 3 tickets under 100 each (decent seats in the upper deck is cool) for the 4/2 game vs. the Wild.

  29. Start by replacing the fuel filter. Hopefully they changed it when you spent that $4000 but you never know.

  30. Yeah fuel filter is definitely worth a shot if it wasn't replaced, check out ih8mud for more info but it's under the intake manifold.

  31. But did you see the south park alien tho?

  32. Nice spot. Love a conifer forest. On the water, perfect.

  33. Thanks! I was actually volunteering as a Marshal at the Sandblast Rally in SC and I think I about hit the lottery with how pretty this spot was.

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