1. Same thing happened to my copy! That’s crazy. It must have been intentional.

  2. They’re also very tricky to tame. Bring the right kibble yo.

  3. Where’s the runway at? Us tarnished gotta know so we can bring our best bling.

  4. Mountaintop of the Giants! Bring your best and a good attitude. I’ll bring mine.

  5. Alright nice, I just made it to there yesterday actually.

  6. Have you considered lowering the levels, then? Is there a reason for you to start at level 12?

  7. I am using a combination of resources, one of which has already has made the DD equivalent subclasses. I mostly picked level 12 because this is a buckshot (our term for a oneshot that lasts 1-3 sessions) so that everyone gets a good chunk of their subclasses abilities and feels powerful for a short game. Which for fighter and rogue and the other martial classes, they just get over classes by spellcasters. Whereas in DD, they stay kind of on an even level.

  8. I seem to get connection errors like 65% of the time anywhere. I have never completed the

  9. True. It’s a shame they had to an 11th hour restructure of their online system.

  10. Me and two other friends have been summoning in this whole game. I don’t know about Malenia, but I’ve always had 2 summons in.

  11. My boss once told me a mistake I made was his fault. When I asked why, he said “Because it was my mistake for thinking you could do anything correctly, won’t happen again.”

  12. There is such contempt and spite in a statement like that. Everything a lead should not be. I hope you are doing better, and I think you are a beautiful and amazing person.

  13. He wasn’t a terribly happy person. Thanks for the kind words, this was a very welcome surprise 😁

  14. This is scary, this 100% looks like me. Totally using this.

  15. Welcome! Hope to see you out at Null Sec Campus soon.

  16. I was just doing research on the different campuses! Do you spend a lot of time at this campus?

  17. I spend half my time at NSC and half my time at the Wormhole Campus.

  18. I’ll see you there then! I plan on spending time at each campus and getting a vibe on the activities there and seeing what’s right for me.

  19. I’m not sure, I left after a few months due to toxic mods, I’d say leave it alone tbh.

  20. South by Southwest, it’s a festival every year in Austin.

  21. not a mac main but i really enjoy playing mac, even though i get shit on 90% of the time

  22. Surprised nobody mentioned D3, such an absolute blast to play

  23. I think the ValheimPlus mod can disable the mystical forces restriction thingy

  24. Exactly this. Valheim plus is a godsend for many things.

  25. Unfortunately no, they don’t. Which we realize was an oversight, but they wanna stick with it.

  26. Wouldn't it be better to have your pc on the right with the glass facing towards the left so that you can have your monitor centered?

  27. To be honest, it’s because I like looking at the pretty lights

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