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  1. I have pmdd so I just really suicidal and depressed like a week or a few days before

  2. For me, I just wanted to learn it one day lol. No particular reason ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I think I'm on the spectrum but it's too expensive for me :/

  4. Calling them names, calling them lazy when they obviously are in a depression episode, yell at them for self harming, making the mom do all the work.

  5. My dad reacted horribly. He called me fucked up and threatened to send me to a mental hospital for a week. My mom was really nice about it tho

  6. I am! I am going to start wearing it more often. Really scared of monkey pox :(

  7. Scared of going into public bathrooms just in case someone might be si*k in there

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