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  1. I think zeevapor is getting more in stock in like a day or two according to their ig

  2. Hey man! I play around WNY solo all the time and have been looking for a buddy or two to play with! Fair warning I suck! Hit me up if you wanna try a 9 together!

  3. I got mine already I was like "wtf". Mr. Tethers does damn fine work... damn fine..

  4. Numbers 31, judges 21, deuteronomy 22, read those and we'll talk

  5. Dude holy fuck that book is outrageously dumb. How the hell can anyone follow it so closely and take it as law for all is beyond me...

  6. I was raised in it. Went to religious school until I went to college. Read the book twice, once in middle school and once in high school. The first time cured me of most of my indoctrination, the second time finished the job.

  7. Good for you for seeing through the bullshit, man. And thank you for sharing those recommendations of those crazy passages.

  8. The Boulevard Mall had a MicroCenter? My goodness I wish how this was all still a thing. This sounds awesome!

  9. Right? Expensive af for a standbag! I love OnCore balls and what not and want to support them. But this is just too rich for my blood lmao

  10. Damn, their other bags are $150. Thought this would be more reasonable

  11. They do have a Standbag variant of this Mafia bag as well, it's $350. Not as bad, but nah man.

  12. Such a dumb rule. Half the fun in sports is watching guys chirp at each other and get fired up.

  13. I decided to listen to this too, and what the guy above you linked isn't even the one where Bulldog went off. Here is a jackass caller who tried to argue that Allen and Von "Big-timed" the "hard working fans" because they were signing for kids.

  14. Broooo what an entitled bum... The way he tries to backpedal a bit too when he gets called out for it lmaooo..

  15. I’m glad he’s hyping up his teammate but he’s reportedly been pretty bad so far.

  16. Got any links to anything I can read up on explaining this? Haven't heard this yet.

  17. Holy shit I've been saying his last name wrong this whole time and pronouncing the 'K' in it

  18. In the annual golf outing I attend, there’s a guy who, years ago, ran off into the trees and came back with only one sock. It became a thing for him, so his nickname is Shitsock.

  19. Being as they're kids and seem like beginners and also seem like they only give a semi-fuck about golf, they probably just don't know the etiquette.

  20. Walking allows you to take in your surroundings more as you're walking to your ball. It's such a great way to enjoy the peacefulness of a course and nature...

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