I owe so many moms an apology.

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  1. Nobody mentioned the interior bedroom? No windows, no ventilation. Yikes.

  2. Simsie mentioned that was probably the actual dining room before, and if you imagine that room without the extra walls, the layout makes a lot more sense. Still not a layout I'd want, but much more realistic/up to code.

  3. I thought it was an acorn in its mouth and I couldn't understand why this was posted here at first.

  4. I mean, the game has been $5 multiple times over the past 5 years, I think it was free to own during some promo, so this isn’t a leap.

  5. I got it for $5 because I saw it on sale after not having played since the original Sims game. Now I personally didn't buy any of the packs (bc the internet exists) but I could definitely see people jumping in because it's free and then the sims team starts to push packs really hard.

  6. This is just like when a celebrity gets one bump and suddenly the media starts calling them unattractive. The reality is that's a nice looking sim with a few bumps that eventually go away because hormones.

  7. The aesthetic here is not my style at all, but I send all my Sims here because the odd jobs are fun.

  8. We didn't, but we also didn't have any outdoor space at all, not even a student parking lot. Just a tall square building in the inner city.

  9. This is a little too much for me. They are beautiful, but it feels like catfishing with someone else's profile pics. You can't convince me these aren't real people out there somewhere.

  10. Such a spoiler and no picture of the animal crossing sculpture 😭

  11. Just changing the eyebrows was enough to make them look more realistic. The original ones look painted on instead of like hair

  12. I'd be willing to bet it's common to owe $65 and $105 too.

  13. Pot of rice, big thing of salad. Alternate between rice and salad bowls.

  14. Kale is the best, but any will do if you pack correctly and don't do more than 3-4 days in advance. I usually do salads in mason jars with wet ingredients on the bottom and pack meat separately.

  15. When the second one turned out good so you keep going... Big mistake haha

  16. Yikes. I definitely thought that was static on tvs in some sort of store display.

  17. There should have been a tail after the i that connected it to the chain so you could clearly see the o, u, and i. Connecting it at the top of the i is what makes this difficult to read.

  18. Bassinet then crib in our room, then moved it to their own room at 1 year.

  19. So he's traded for a bald stripe round the back?

  20. They cut a chunk of skin/hair off in the back and pull the rest down and staple it. So he has less skin than before if that makes sense. Then they'll use the hair they cut out and transplant it to the front. Those hairs eventually fall out but they encourage new hair growth.

  21. I would definitely start with edges, then words and anything green. After that I would sift through the pieces and see what stands out.

  22. Both the daycares we used made sure to do everything they could to make us feel at ease for the first week or so to establish trust and a routine. They went extra pictures to prove my baby was "enjoying themselves" and made sure to tell me all about their day.

  23. As long as they're faithful while in a relationship with me, none of this matters. Its so weird that people place so much weight on it.

  24. I'm worried that minis will be too easy (I did an NYPC mini in about 10 minutes) but maybe I just need to pick better designs. Time to look through all the options! Thanks!

  25. To make it harder, you could mix two or three minis together and try to solve them all at once. Or don't look at the picture/box. Anything larger with room to sort may start to encroach on others space or their ability to get up to use the restroom depending on your seat.

  26. What?! I backed their first set and loved it! I have no idea why I wasn't sent anything about the second set coming out.

  27. It's a good way of making your (puzzle company) die unique. Youd know if another company was using your same mold based on the die lines. It also adds variety and interest.

  28. Walking with a properly dressed little one is much safer than entering a motorized vehicle being driven by someone you don't know without a carseat.

  29. Oh man. But I mean the question was you clearly saw women/humans struggling, and even if you weren’t in their shoes yet, why wouldn’t you just give them the benefit of the doubt? Why wouldn’t you just uplift them? Like dang that’s cold. Man this rubs me the wrong way.

  30. Lately I've been learning that it's hard for a lot of people to see other people's realities as truth if they're different than their own. Id be willing to bet that OP has made similar judgements about others in various different scenarios without realizing it. I would only hope that she can learn to be less judgemental without having to go through the same circumstances as other people and also that this post reaches someone else who felt the same as her.

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