1. Dude‘s stuck in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2023 at the same time

  2. Alright, let’s see. I got a VR headset, a copy of Half Life Alyx and a gaming laptop.

  3. And these kids still wonder why Karlson hasn’t been released yet

  4. This post is obviously fake. The numbers come from the new Lego Avatar sets

  5. What do you mean you watched someone drive over a grass barrier. Are we not supposed to do that?

  6. Is DIM better than the official D2 App/website? Or is "DIM" just a category for all Destiny Item Managing websites/apps?

  7. Frank O‘Connor wrote those parts. I have no idea why Bungie (apparently) wanted him to do it and approve it, but there definitely was a time when Bungie’s vision was "Humans are forerunners". Frank even confirmed it (in a weird way)

  8. Why the fuck giga nut felt like a normal nut?

  9. Hero factory in first grade... the fact that there are bionicle fans as young as you like breaks my brain

  10. I never experienced g1 either. I got into Hero Factory first back in 2011 when I was like 5. I had no idea about Bionicle except one Stars commerical and the Bionicle section in Lego’s website that had some games in it (Stars tower defense for example). When Bionicle came back in 2015, I started researching a bit about Bionicle. In 2018, I started watching all the movies. In 2020, I finally played the iconic Mata Nui Online Game and continued researching more about the deep lore.

  11. It depends on the person. Some say it’s hella big, some say it’s ok or not what they imagine.

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