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  1. That's the thing with anti-vaxxers, they can't control themselves. It's a lot easier to just disagree, shut up and ignore the post, but nope, people like this mum just HAVE to comment like it's her life mission to tell everyone how fucking stupid she is.

  2. I work for a Japanese company in the US and we have members from japan that stay at the US branch for 2-5 years. I am always dumbfounded that even here in the US, the Japanese employees will stay til 7-8 every night, sometimes all the way til 10:00. And it’s not like they are doing anything. I’ve stopped by the office late at night to pick something up and they will just be sitting at their desks browsing the internet or goofing off on their phones but they absolutely will not go home. It’s definitely not the American managers making them stay. They just are so used to the culture that none of them will go home and they all “work” 12 hours a day or more.

  3. Quiet quitting = doing the work you are paid to do

  4. Because of the expectation of unpaid overtime in all corporate jobs. Japan has it bad. In Australia it’s getting worse. When I came back to Australia, people would brag about how many more hours they were working over time as if it’s a good thing.

  5. I remember after watching this live, my mates and I all popped onto MSN Messenger and every one of us were absolutely shocked. I absolutely agree 100% that this was the best ever debut of a character. That commentary was just amazing. Sold it so well.

  6. So whatever it was at the time. Fuck dude, we’re talking 25 years ago. Could’ve been ICQ or AOL messenger.

  7. Yeah my husband is extremely well endowed and I tell him every single time because he Ioves hearing and he tells me things like "it's all for you" and my favorite one is cheesy and ridiculous "it's king sized for my queen" and I love it. Just don't say "yeah that's what everyone says" because that would be douchey.

  8. This will need the original cast (Minus Hyde) to make frequent appearances to save this show. It looks absolutely awful.

  9. The generic ones on Amazon for half the price are just as good too. Replaced all my kids joycons with them. Best move ever.

  10. He also famously said hiro matsudas training was holding him back

  11. True, Hiro doesn't mention anything about that situation in his own book, so I agree it could be just another Hulk BS tale, but there are hints that something serious happened, it just isn't clear what.

  12. Yeah. So sick of this. 'I'm a landlord and I'm nice to the people I rent to'

  13. Ya, my dad was like this about my college fund. Promised it to me and told me to not take out loans since I had the savings account, then refused to give me any money from it and left me in a really bad financial position. I learned from my mistakes and took out loans the following semester since he was unreliable, he then shamed me for “poor financial decisions” and used that as the basis to hold all the money from me. I was working a full time job and completely supporting myself, I wasn’t mooching or being irresponsible. I didn’t even feel entitled to it, he was the one that brought it up and promised it to me. I just didn’t get enough financial aid to cover tuition and then when he wouldn’t hold up his end of the deal to cover the remaining tuition fees I couldn’t afford to eat for nearly 6 months. Lived off of the food bank and borrowed meal cards from friends so I could eat in the dining hall.

  14. I think it would be funnier if, same setup, satnam just does a doomsday device from his feet.

  15. If you have ever heard of the child abuse technique of ‘blanket training’ it’s so they are afraid of you and stay where you put them. It’s horrifying.

  16. how young can my kids be before i start physically abusing them and traumatizing them for life lol plz no judgement because i was beaten as a kid and want to repeat the circle of abuse lmao

  17. He made every mistake possible if he didn't want a cat.

  18. The clue is why the ridiculous price gouging is only an east coast problem. Seems like a pretty easy and already proven fix to me.

  19. The 90's and early 00's state governments loved to sell anything they could to make a quick profit. This is why no matter what point Jeff Kennet makes on twitter, no matter how right he is, nobody should ever forget that a large reason Victorians are paying through the ass for essential services is because he sold anything he could and fucked over generations of Victorians.

  20. I'll believe it if they don't make record profits. But they do. So they are talking shit.

  21. Landlords selling out to couples wanting more room for home offices. Look at average household sizes over the last 20 years, getting smaller all the time.

  22. No, the reality is that in Hobart particularily, LL's are taking properties off the rental market and on to AirBNB. It's insane as to how many properties there have had this happen. It sent rental prices in Hobart skyrocketting way before it happened elsewwhere across the country.

  23. Fructose and sucrose are both processed the exact same by the body into glucose. Fruit has fructose, sucrose and glucose.

  24. What are you on about? All sugars are pretty much 4 calories per gram.

  25. I'd still argue the PC experience is superior in the long run, as in, once the rig is built and paid for (which is X2 or X3 the price of a console depending on your luck)

  26. Why on earth would you spend thousands of dollars on a PC build to then use cloud gaming?

  27. Yellow's the best IMO because it came out right at the peak of G1 pokemon popularity. Released obviously to play like the anime where you are gifted a Pikachu instead of the other 3 starters. Were there any other differences in the game that differ from Red & Blue? I can't remember. I then played Silver but that was it. Haven't touched them since.

  28. The report essentially recommends that legislation be introduced to require appointments to the Executive Council (and other Ministerial directions) be required to be made public.

  29. Of course not when you have Jesus on your side

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