A Good Samaritan risked his life to save a cat that was stuck, perched on an air conditioner during Hurricane Ian.

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  1. Anyone who donates deserves to be taken advantage of.

  2. Someone PLEASE gag her with a bible.

  3. His statement to the press reads like you would expect if he is testifying against her to protect their children.

  4. just watched the clip -- OMG -- she's a dangerous sicko!

  5. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/3666094-marjorie-taylor-greens-husband-files-for-divorce/

  6. Ron DeSantis is a little piss baby.

  7. yep, he surrounds himself with only the best.

  8. This is proof that there's a mental health crisis in America.

  9. Did you ever see rTump's first cabinet meeting? It was creepy how they all sat around kissing up to tRump like a bunch of sycophants. Just look up Biden's or Obama's first cabinet meetings for comparison -- much more adult and dignified, and focused on the work -- not the man.

  10. Just like tRump --- the things he brags about are actually the opposite of the truth....

  11. The fact that Trump was the one who negotiated the US withdrawal form Afghanistan, cut out the Afghan government from negotiations, and then released 5,000 Taliban militants, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Biden getting all the blame for that is downright laughable.

  12. Also, after Trump's 'negotiation', he stalled the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa process, and the visa interview process.... so Biden had to deal with a backlog when he became pres.

  13. fyi this happened back in 2018 near Palm Springs, and according to this article, the cop was fired...

  14. what's the story behind this? Thanks.

  15. Baptized in the horse trough. Appropriate.

  16. It should've been a garbage can.

  17. Ha -- I was just going to create a post about mental health! ...

  18. Do you mean ORGANIZED religion? Which is just another organization that creates a power structure to either rule or be ruled. And similar to any other power structure (business, politics, etc.), it attracts people who crave power and will do anything to get it and keep it. But since it's under the guise of 'religion', the followers let their guard down-- they believe the BS and fear-mongering and misdirection, and end up brainwashed, thinking they are on a 'noble' path. But in reality, they're just propping up the MFers at the top who are laughing all the way to the bank and coming up with more ways to stay in power by controlling the sheep. The bigger the organization, the greater the corruption.

  19. I think the Democratic candidates were bought off to hit the snooze button, not the voters

  20. hey you're kinda sounding like the people who blame the woman for getting raped.

  21. Such an embarrassment. How can the good people of Georgia elect her -- are they mentally still in high school too? The education system in Georgia seriously needs to be funded better and overhauled.

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