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  1. Holy shit this is literally all you post about. Are you okay?

  2. Lmao most of his posts are like this "boruto haters are the worst basically and I will keep repeating it"

  3. Yeah bro I’m not sure if he’s trolling or if he legitimately needs some counseling or something

  4. 7 hills grows all natural/ organic with rain water and all natural sunlight

  5. No way lol. The amount of water consumption in these facilities is mind boggling, no way would it be remotely feasible to collect rain water to sustain those plants. Also they may use natural sunlight as they have a greenhouse setup but that’s supplementary and not the main light source.

  6. I think phrasing is key here. If they say they grow “with” rainwater and natural sunlight, it could technically be 1% of the water and light.. they’re still growing with it lol

  7. Finished the book and was pretty disappointed with the pacing of the story. It was a good book but did not meet my expectations

  8. Can’t get case sensitive passwords but thankfully they got this taken care of

  9. Blizzard just did this kind of ‘pruning’ to WoW this year where they went in and changed as many old quests as Blizz employees deemed inappropriate.

  10. Didn’t they remove genders and just name them Body 1 and Body 2? Lmao

  11. I stuck with it and finished the series. Felt it had some cool moments but for the most part I just found myself being annoyed and doubt I’ll ever give it a second go.

  12. Rune boots? It's a bit too early ich for my taste, climbing boots or nothing.

  13. Just lost city. It’s a huge hassle but worth it for that sweet d long

  14. well posts like these are literally against the subreddit rules, so that's my guess

  15. I don’t understand why, excluding Twitter this is the best spot for customer support lmao

  16. From my edit: obviously other games have this stuff, but what games have good and funny quests(not "go kill 10 wolves")? What games have such a fairly in depth and integrated skilling system? What game can you play easily on the pc AND phone? Please give me examples with all of these because Id love to play something else.

  17. Questing on osrs is absolute worst experience I’ve ever had in an mmorpg

  18. Time to look for another job bud, that’s toxic as hell

  19. I’ve never seen mental instability as heavy as I have on Reddit. Go talk to somebody like my god dude

  20. So if you are on iOS go into settings and then your account info to purchase history. Should have an option to redirect to a dispute page and then check off all purchases you want to refund and put a little explanation in each box. I stated how I felt ripped off by blizzard and that the game is basically an extremely predatory slot machine with monsters sprinkled in.

  21. Got the refunds. 11 purchases (the one-time offers during campaign progression and some platinum to start a clan) all returned to me.

  22. Glad to hear it bud! Hopefully Diablo 4 is an experience more true to the series

  23. I would have never knew he was the guy in doom without this post

  24. Well obviously not, the context of our conversation would never have arrived here. Your brain would never have time to preform the acrobatic routine seen here without an immediate counter. This conversation would have ended when I proved your first point wrong. But instead you have minutes to yourself to come up with an immaculate response such as “dude nice non-response”, because for some reason instead of acknowledging that you were wrong, your acrobatic brain shifted to another point to reiterate “no I’m talking about this one now. Idk what you’re talking about.” LOL. You’re as transparent as a child.

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