1. That reminds me of the mech mods in Battletech: The Crescent Hawks Inception where you'd end up with huge arrays of medium and small lasers on Wasps and Stingers.

  2. Mw2&3 didn’t use hard points so you could do this pretty easily. Downside was the only real difference between mech chassis were tonnage limits and hit boxes, and the games were VERY biased towards short range due to draw distance issues, so piling on small pulse laser and machine guns was a highly effective strategy.

  3. Yeah, my MW2 Merchs mechs were usually mg boats.

  4. I loved that game, had it for my Commodore 64. I would tape my joystick so it would keep progressing the time (since it was basically turn based) go to school and come home and have like a ridiculous amount of money in Comstar. I also used the trick where you could steal the Chameleon, although you couldn't really upgrade it like you could the wasp, stinger or Lotus.

  5. Any recommendations for where to get a Dakota? Right now I’ve got my BA riding on heavy omnis and sometimes they don’t get close enough to be effective.

  6. Local Dodge Dealership might have some in their used lot (sorry, couldn't resist).

  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the battlearmors weapons and like an active pro e there should be a button that says "Mount/Swarm"

  8. THANK YOU! I wondered what that mount swarm button was for. I thought it was to like attack mecks and remove parts or something. That definitely changes the game now :)

  9. you should load.it up with srms only. you can fit 4 clan srm4 and 1 srm2 and 3 tons ammo. 2 reg and one inferno

  10. Only variant I have is a 1D. Only 1 missile slot, 2 ballistic and an energy. I just checked. Since I started with Wulfbanes, I don't get his special Commando.

  11. It kinda sucks, but I can deal with it until I can find a better variant. I pulled the SRM 6 for a Clan Streak 4, replaced the ErLL with an ERML, added Improved Jump Jets, and another heat sink. Armor's close to max. I'm going to see how well it performs.

  12. Not sure if Ravens are available before the Flashpoint, and Flashpoints don't start until after you finish the campaign.

  13. It's too bad, too, since all the flashpoints seem to be leveled for mid-game difficulty. I did a couple of them after the campaign and just steamrolled them so hard they weren't even fun. Some day I'll hit them up in career mode I guess

  14. You could give it a little bit of a challenge, use "B Team" pilots, only use lights and mediums, things like that.

  15. Also check and make sure there aren't any extra mods checked in the mods settings in the main game menu. I had that happen with BTA because of a mod that was checked, and once I unchecked it, it worked.

  16. BTA 3062. Mechs have more customization options, and the rules are improved from vanilla while still staying balanced.

  17. BTA seems more balanced. Since it's 3062, you're basically at Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries tech, so you're evenly matched against clan mechs. You take on the Clans in BEX without being prepared, they will eat you alive. I played BEX for a long time, and just switched over to BTA. Yeah, some of the missions seem longer, but I like the immersion better. And I'm not sure you can save mid battle in vanilla, either, but I've been playing modded games for over a year now, so I don't really remember.

  18. Waikem in Massillon/Perry TWP has a used lot next to their Honda dealership. I bought my Outback from their Subaru dealership and am pretty happy with it. Cars are expensive right now, though, so it's hard to find a good deal. I bought mine right before prices went through the roof.

  19. God I would LOVE that in my current BTA play through. For whatever reason I am completely unable to salvage JJs at all from any contract. They just don’t show up. And they are rare for some reason in the stores. I have to cannibalize JJs from assembled mechs just to keep up with the ones I lose.

  20. I've noticed that in BTA. I'm having a hell of a time finding JJs. Even faction stores and Black Market rately have them.

  21. On the one hand it’s super annoying. On the other hand it gives me the feeling of scarcity that would exist for a mercenary crew… though probably not for jumpjets

  22. Depends. If they are only manufactured on certain planets, or in the case of BTA which starts at the beginning of the FedCom civil war, they're probably being kept by their respective houses for the war effort.

  23. Turkina. That thing just looks intimidating. Not sure if it's in the game or any of the mods, def not in BEX and I haven't seen any in BTA yet.

  24. Welcome to BTA, where the mediums are heavy and the assaults are light...

  25. Having access to Ferro, Engine mods and other weight reducing components makes all the difference in the world. My Commando alone is brutal, but it is piloted by Wulfbanes, so...

  26. I've never seen Endo as salvage, but I didn't play earlier versions of BTA. Although I'll farm clan mechs for Clan Ferro Fibrous (if it's not integrated into the mech), because it uses less internal slots than normal ferro.

  27. Yeah, in BEX, if you aren't prepared, you will have your ass handed to you by the clans. Combine that with the stinginess of SLDF mechs available in stores (almost none), and until you get comparable tech, it will be rough. The good news is it's pretty random, so you may only fight a single star, but you could also fight 2 or 3 stars. I also don't like how BEX handles salvage on clan missions. It's always like 2/8 max. So if you want clan tech, you have to farm for a while or use a save editor.

  28. Yeah, but I've only seen 5's and 2's, I didn't see anything bigger than that until I started using mods.

  29. My current one is "Dutch" because it fit the appearance of the random profile pic, so I just went through random callsigns until I found one I liked. My last playthrough it was "Bakemono", a Japanese demon, because I played them as a Kurita House mercenary, and the unit name was "Bakemono's Oni"

  30. I usually started in 3049 or after 3050 (I think its 3052), but I switched over to BTA which starts you in 3062 right at the start of the FedCom civil war.

  31. Banshee and Charger. Charger sucks at everything else, but put arm and leg mods on it and it's a melee beast.

  32. Does the same apply for Flashpoint missions? I'm doing "Of Unknown Origin" now, and the first mission. I assume that the weigh class is the same (Mediums) but I wonder if it will be the same mechs?

  33. Brawling Archers are one of my faves. Back those fists up with some arm mods, too.

  34. I did that with my BEX Archer. Arm and leg mods.

  35. A bit curious as to what grounds the police had to remove them.

  36. They didn't want the protestors to out them as members.

  37. Yeah, I'm gonna hit 'X' to doubt on that one. Law Enforcement and overt white supremacists haven't gotten along well the past few decades. Particularly now that BLM amplifies any and all police shootings involving black people.

  38. I was being facetious, but white supremacist groups have infiltrated law enforcement and the military. FBI had a report about it a few years ago.

  39. It's a bullshit method of financial discrimination.

  40. I have BEX installed on my laptop amd BTA installed on my desktop. BTA looked complicated and intimidating at first, but it really isn't. It's as close aa you're going to get to the TT game.

  41. It won't mean a raise in the future. It'll mean more responsibility in the future.

  42. In the immediate future yes. Are you the OP? More responsibility does help if he works for a company that does annual raises based on performance. However, I definitely wouldn't do it if the extra responsibility interferes with current responsibilities. I've fallen into that trap. I was lucky as in they added other people to the project, but that took a while, and companies are doing this now so they don't have to pay extra people. So long story short, if you don't think it will benefit you in the long run, don't do it.

  43. But I can understand the flip side of that. Our last performance review asked us where we saw ourselves in the company in 5 years and I said I was happy with my current position.

  44. Contact the local fire marshall. They'll probably request an inspection.

  45. When taken by mouth, diatomaceous earth is not cancer causing

  46. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It's not carcinogenic, as far as I know.

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