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  1. Not directing this at OP specifically, but Jesus titty fvcking christ on a cupcake, please do. All y'all. After having lived in the south for 20 years I cannot emphasize how much toxic masculinity has convinced many men that "hygeine is gay". (I'm sure it happens everywhere on some level, but at least guidos back home wash lol)

  2. I think that’s more a bad parenting thing than “toxic masculinity”. I’m a guy, I like guy things, I like girls, girls like guys that don’t smell like taint stank. Also I don’t like body odor. Sooooo I heavily use soap… (I still end up smelling worse than I’d like after a 24 hour shift at work but that can’t be helped sometimes…)

  3. Oh I called management. I called the tow company. Nobody was willing to lift a finger. I said fine, guess I’ll park on campus then. Unfortunately for truck guy, an “act of God” occurred and the birds shat all over his truck. Not my problem.

  4. Sounds like a case for small claims court or similar. Not being a dick and causing hundreds of dollars of damage.

  5. you're just plain wrong. Bird seed was a perfect solution. Creative dickery was absolutely warranted.

  6. Nah. If you think an inconvenience is worth doing hundreds of dollars of damage to someone’s potentially largest investment, news flash, youre a colossal dickhead.

  7. When you go to doctor because you think you have an STD because you have this open sore looking thing on your penis and your like positive that it’s herpes. Then when you get to the doctor 3 different women walk in to inspect my penis and they can’t decide if it’s an STD or not. Then they swap sore and send it out for testing, along with a blood sample for testing. You freak out because you think your life is over and wondering how you got herpes. Go back to the doctor a week later and they tell you it’s not herpes, and that it came back negative, and they finally determine that it was just a friction burn from having sex 5+ times a day for a week with your gf.

  8. Eh 2WD and skid steer ain’t gonna handle so well on tall grass.

  9. Blood does not come out of panties just by throwing them in the wash. There are 2 ways to get blood out.

  10. As an EMT, I’ve learned you can also toss some peroxide into the washing machine with the clothes, though I’ve only used that trick on 24hr or less old blood.

  11. Mazda Miata vs an Escalade is a completely different experience.

  12. When you have the "I'm not fucking anyone else" talk

  13. I’ve had FWB that I had the not banging other people conversation with, for cleanliness reasons.

  14. It’s 2 years including pre-reqs? Idk, we’ve always got medic spots open. They get filled, then said medics get picked up by a FD somewhere, and the next 20 year old in line takes their place. Revolving door.

  15. Yep. Both programs have the same prerequisites but the medic degree program has more classroom hours and more clinical hours so it takes 18 months instead of 12. Both end with an associates degree and a state license.

  16. That’s solid, and I’m glad it’s going that way. I think until people start saying, “ew, fuck that” when they look at pay, we’ll continue to get reamed.

  17. Everywhere is hella short staffed and the medic programs are having smaller and smaller classes because for less time in class you can get your RN and make more money. I want to do the medic program because I’d rather be in the field than the hospital but it is quite frustrating

  18. Im sorry, a mandatory 48hr overtime shift???? WTF?!?!?!?! Sure, thats ok (i guess) for the rural, 2 calls a week squad. Why tf would anyone think thats ok for an als unit that is apparently very busy. Thats gonna kill someone one day.

  19. My department is semi rural (~2hr transports) but we also average close to 20 calls a shift for 3.5 med units, and have mandatory 36s and 48s.

  20. Really? Oh hell ya. I’ll pay the FD for this service. And maybe get to watch some hot firefighters in the process 🥵

  21. I work in EMS, the only hot firefighters are some of the women (as a straight guy tho, I’m not complaining)

  22. I love cooking and baking. Upside: girls like food too. Downside: I’m fat bc I eat the food I make lol

  23. Low self esteem, and a poor work schedule (24 on 48 off, plus mandatory hold overs), combined with strict parents (I get to live rent free while I’m paying off my student loans, just have to deal with their suffocating rules).

  24. I dispose of my oil in a stump that yellow jackets like to use as a nest. Keeps them away.

  25. So a "blood transfusion" is usually a transfusion of red blood cells, which have no nucleus, and thus no DNA. So the DNA test would just be you.

  26. Depends on where you’re getting that blood product. My hospital uses a lot of PRBC run in alongside FFP for traumas (eg. in the ER), but in the OR they use cold stored whole blood. And then prehospital we use liquid plasma.

  27. I average close to 60hr a week but it’s only 2-3 shifts because of a 24 on 48 off schedule

  28. It’s massively changed by undergarments. If I’m at home going commando and go up to my room quickly, it can get uncomfortably bouncy. But at work with dick print hiding boxer briefs it’s almost a non issue.

  29. I’d be driving around famous race tracks in famous cars. Can’t remember if the last thing I played was GT7 or project cars 2 but either way the result is similar.

  30. Pregnant women. I really really don’t like kids but pregnant women are sooooooo hot

  31. Huh. So last week when I had belly pain and stomach flu symptoms I should either had driven my car to the hospital or walk it off?

  32. You don’t have a single person in your life with a drivers license that could take you to urgent care or the ED? I find that very hard to believe.

  33. So basically you want to outsource your job to Uber and or relatives?

  34. I’m not trying to outsource my job. I’m trying to reduce the overload of non-critical patients that we have zero treatments for so that we can care for critical patients in a more timely manner.

  35. I remember when we learned about the abdominal aortic aneurysm in EMT school. Gave me nightmares.

  36. Just remember, the pelvic cradle has ~2L just in the bones, plus both kidneys, part of the descending abdominal aorta, both femoral arteries bifurcate there…

  37. You can’t put a tourniquet on a taint

  38. Pelvic binders can help, and junctions TQs are being developed but still. You’re like 98% right

  39. There’s always a shortage of beds in every hospital I’ve worked with but that shouldn’t discourage you from seeking treatment if you’re having a crisis. It’s literally what we are here for.

  40. Tylenol (acetaminophen): more than 1000mg every 6hr will cause liver failure which is a terrible way to die. It’s a fairly common thing to OD on too because folks don’t realize it’s in so many meds (on it’s own, but it’s also in so many cold/allergy meds)

  41. I’m not gonna shoot a deer at 150+yd with a subcompact 9mm handgun, that’s what the .308 bolt gun is for. I’m not going to hunt something dangerous like hog with a manual action that only has 4-5 shots, that’s what the AR is for. I’m not going to hunt small game with a 9mm, 5.57, 7.62x39, or .308, that’s what the .22 rifle is for. I’m not going to hunt waterfowl or other birds with any single projectile firearm (for several reasons, safety being the biggest one), that’s what the shotgun is for. For home defense, an AR is slightly better than a full size handgun in most cases, I have both so it’s a toss up there. And then a subcompact if I decide to carry.

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