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  1. i said serious question if this is serious im scared :(

  2. Holy shit I was just thinking that this would be a cool set not thirty minutes ago!

  3. Don't we already have one for specific people?

  4. That's why you don't play valve comp. Try competitive community servers like Uncletopia, or look for guides on how to get started in the TF2 competitive community.

  5. You can also buy most normal quality weapons and cosmetics for cheap on

  6. Congratulations, you can no longer trust anyone. Your friends are actually scammers, your family are actually scammers, your pets are actually scammers. Do not accept any friend requests, change your password every day, and if shit does hit the fan, transfer the pan to a waiting ultra-secure alt account. Good luck with your new life.

  7. Why overcomplicate things, just put femscout hentai on there.

  8. What do you do when you see a strange reading on sonar?

  9. But why would you post this here? People are unlikely to encounter this specific bot in their own games, and even if they did, they would have little to no trouble determining its nature on their own.

  10. Manmelter is the most support-oriented, you can use your crits for a variety of purposes.

  11. I was going to say pornography, but people have already beat me to it.

  12. Not really, no. There isn't much anyone seeing this could do with this information.

  13. Hell no. Have you ever tried to play halo on PC? Every other player has developer-sponsored aimbot.

  14. Summon a Pseudogiant, then run and let them deal with it.

  15. Make sure to move as little as possible, especially when in a sniper sightline. Their vision is based on movement.

  16. Whenever I see a vintage sandvich, I always think about how it's probably spoiled and sucks to eat.

  17. Welcome to pyro mains. Half of them are nice people who protect their teammates, and the other half are neo-nazi racist scorch shit abusing puppy-kicking hoovy-killing edgy assholes.

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