1. Big chain stores/restaurants, and Subway specifically, use some sneaky tactics on the regular, for a litany of reasons. For instance, in my town, there are three separate companies that own all the Subway stores. Those three companies are all owned by the same person and/or umbrella company. But since they're technically separate companies, they can abuse overtime rules.

  2. From what I've been able to gather, is that the store is owned by two guys and then they work with another man who owns a couple Subways and they "support and make decisions about their 19 stores they own between them all together as a united force."

  3. I would ask if anyone witnessed you supposedly vaping. That being said, there probably isn't much you can do aside from look for another job.

  4. Do you live in a state where employers don't have to give a break? Because there's quite a few states that allow employers to work their employees to death for the duration of the shift.

  5. This requires Odonpetra and Spynosaur to learn how to play the game and requires the devs to actually care about the game and this community enough to stop smacking rocks on Exiles, so it probably won't happen.

  6. The only thing it requires is picking ¬20 concerns and answering them on some Friday, rather than have a stream of forced joviality and excitement and giveaways. Heck, as someone said, you don't even need to make it live, just do it any day of the week and upload it Friday. No dungeon runs, cringy jokes or exasperated sighs of fatigue required.

  7. The issue is that the Dev's cannot even be bothered to answer questions they are asked directly, unless it is about Conan Exiles.

  8. My biggest gripe is they have a huge list of successful F2P models to look out at there. How did they come up with one that is WORSE than all of them?! It just doesn't make sense.

  9. Because they love you... and need your money... to pour into Conan Exiles.

  10. People were banned from the last beta for giving constructive criticism and feedback.

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