Jackson sworn in, becomes 1st Black woman on Supreme Court

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  1. Within the last 9 days, 2 vehicles have rammed a tollbooth at this exit. The expressway opened only a month ago…

  2. Yes. If you paid a security deposit they will take it from that. Also having an eviction on your record can make it difficult to find a place in the future and have a negative impact on your credit

  3. We need to pack the court. All these religious judges are ruining everything

  4. That’s such a Democrat answer. Can’t win in a fair fight so you call for low blows

  5. Didn't Republicans want to rush to confirm Amy Coney Barret even though all of them were on record for not doing that during an election year when Obama was president?

  6. Yeah. That’s politics. However even then they didn’t pack the court to offset it.

  7. India is such a cesspool. 3rd world nonsense like this goes on 24/7 while the government pretends it’s on par with the west

  8. Not worth the read. Very short, no sources besides “insiders,” filled with ads AND they beg for money at the end.

  9. Tracking like this feels like some 1984 shit. It’s almost like I’m typing into a telescreen as we speak

  10. How about instead of doing stupid meaningless walkouts you actually fight it by voting out your pro life state reps

  11. Sure the rich salaried people don’t have a problem with walking out. Do they honestly think hourly people can afford to walk out considering how expensive everything is?

  12. Europe +US are turning into that neighborhood where everyone knows the guy on the eastern end of the street beats his kids yet they don’t do anything about it.

  13. So I’m not an expert on Physics, but what… how…

  14. The gun mis/delayfired and when he went to fiddle with it he pointed it at the guy, the rest as they say is history

  15. I wish Democrat celebrities would use factual arguments to criticize Thomas instead of just calling him an Uncle Tom. Being racist is wrong no matter what the person did

  16. And I have 15 milfs close to my location, and my car’s extended warranty has expired

  17. Both sides have idiots. The right has this guy and the left have those who blamed RBG

  18. I’m unaware of any democrat who has called for review of the unconstitutionality of racial segregation. Please advise.

  19. Sorry. I was talking about those who blamed RBG for Roe vs wade being overturned. They say it’s her fault because she should have retired when Obama was president instead of dying during trumps term

  20. Yes it’s illegal, you could be fined or thrown in jail at the worst

  21. Must be a joke. You can’t sue someone because their art makes you feel bad

  22. If you believe anything the Taliban say you probably also believe that your vehicles extended warranty is actually expired

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