Ohtani strikes out his Angel teammate Mike Trout for the final out and wins the WBC for Japan!

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  1. ThQp says:

    Excellent. I think he could be very good

  2. Berrios and Manoah will be within 0.20 points of each other’s ERA

  3. 400 innings from Bassitt and Kikuchi would be wild and I’m here for it.

  4. …I meant 300, which I think would still be wild

  5. I love Daulton Varsho and I’m going to be insufferable about it

  6. This might be more meaningful than one inning against Venezuela

  7. To say that a practice game vs. Baltimore's rookies is more meaningful than a high pressure outing against legitimate players, that is certainly some kind of take.

  8. It really isn't. One inning never means much of anything, let alone on March 12. Now, a result 10 days later, lasting spread out across several innings, in which they executed the Jays' game plan (

  9. Alejandro Kirk doesn’t exist

  10. Baseball is the best.

  11. That's an incredible take

  12. Ohtani walked in from the bullpen. He didn't run. Of course he didn't. He's the best. I love him.

  13. Hold on to your butts

  14. Fuck the pitch clock. Fuck the extra innings runner. Baseball isn’t about being played fast.

  15. Those are actually the notes that Manfred prepared for his announcement

  16. We’ve had so much good baseball already this year and there’s still a week left of spring training

  17. They just had to hit it away from Randy

  18. That’s a bad man right there

  19. I think a legit conversation has to be had regarding Jay Jackson

  20. I think he makes the team

  21. Please do this, Ross

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