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  1. Imo, Albert seems to have the best chance. Sutton would be 2nd. I used to be high on Jeudy, but I don’t think I can believe in him staying healthy.

  2. Last year was the only year he has serious issues? How does that correlate to his future health?

  3. No problem lol, burrys probably canceled around here after this one tho 😂

  4. This post made me look up the entire class. As a Packer fan, I want vomit after seeing it.

  5. Well I just made a trade for him, 2023 first and 2024 first

  6. Idk. He looked like a good rookie. Very talented. Questionable QB situation.

  7. I just hope the eagles can work with hurts enough so he can take the next step. Worst case for smith would be mediocrity at qb for the next couple of years.

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