1. Bro they founded madahib, each founder was the student of another founder of a madhab, first being Imam Hanifah, his teacher was tab’3i (or a Sahabi). Please don’t speak on stuff you have no knowledge about..

  2. either mods remove this guy’s comment or some one has to correct him can’t just leave false information

  3. Fair enough, my point though is that the strict interpretation of archaic religious texts made for the ancient world are not always relevant today and turn people away who would otherwise seek comfort. E.g. wearing mixed fabrics, stoning people etc. Not revelant in today's society, unless one is a fanatic. It's an inconvenient truth, that if religion does not adapt to be more inclusive and less literal/rigid (without taking away the core religious message that is the most important), it will not survive longterm, you only need to look around you. Religion is on the decline. If you love your belief you want it to survive, no? Allah gave us hearts and minds for a reason. These are just facts, I am merely a messenger. Shoot if you must. I know my values and they are not changed by the opinions of others. Only One.

  4. I see where your coming from and this is a beautiful solution to pretty much majority of trends in the world. But we are talking about religion.

  5. Brother, I appreciate your composure, intelligent responses and ability to have a genuine discussion with someone, even if you disagree on some of my views.

  6. Yes Alhamdulillah nice discussion. You opened up many points I’d love to respond to.. but maybe for another time.

  7. I don’t know where you got this copy from but the translation doesn’t seem very good…

  8. That looks great. Absolutely love the way the Rabbid background blends with Nothing.

  9. Sadly not all 99 names are known, some of them are found in ahadeeth that are weak/ weakness in the chain.

  10. Wrongen and follow the right path? You can see all the these Sunni brothers downvoting my comment, bcz there's no tolerance and respect for differences here even though I mentioned I don't identify with sect although I have roots from both,Sunni & Shia sect.

  11. Brother you can’t follow both hadeeth and the sayings of the ‘12 imams’ they literally contradict one another that’s like saying (in a lower level) that you are 50 % Muslim and Christian, either one is right or the other. Stop making the world a Utopia, even Shias would disagree with what you’re saying

  12. My Paternal side is Sunni & maternal is Shia and I'm taught to respect the both but I just don't like being identified by any,so can't I be a just a Muslim or is it essential in Islam to have a sect!

  13. yes you can identify as a Muslim anytime (no one says Shia are not Muslim anyways) no one said you can’t.

  14. could be for their other games as well. I heard Squad Busters is coming back.

  15. I also play both Pokemon Go and Clash Royale, and it sucks to see them both tanking side by side when they each used to be so great.

  16. That’s so funny and sad at the same time sorry both of your games got terrible updates bro don’t know what you’re playing now 💀😭

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