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  1. They're a lighter cigarette with a fairly strong menthol bead. Go ahead and try them if you're in America, surely you can find them as long as you're not in California now.

  2. No I am saying DXM is the best OTC drug to get you messed up. There is also DPH but that shit is nasty. DXM is nice.

  3. OHHH-I got confused because there is a little conversation in the comments about what it could be

  4. Oh yeah I saw that after. The only way you can know for sure is to send one to a lab to get tested. A reagent may give an idea of what it could be but you won't know how much is in it. 2cb could be likely but I agree that it would be strange to lace a Xanax with LSD considering Xanax is a trip killer.

  5. In that case you may as well take a Tylenol and hope it improves your erections or has any effect on your sex life… why don’t you just see a doctor and ask for Viagra?

  6. Yea, Viagra and Cialis are RX only, those “sex enhancement pills” are absolutely pointless, will have no effect and a waste of money… are you actually having trouble getting an erection or do you just want to see what they’re like?

  7. I just want to see what they are like, dude I get hard from looking at my own feet lol

  8. I can recommend a few but I rather not.

  9. Okay, thank you, I can’t really run, I have arthritis, but by high-altitude trips I am assuming you mean like, go meditate on a mountain? That actually sounds awesome

  10. This isn't the personal section, bub.

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