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  1. Happy Birthday you gorgeous baby !!!!! You are so precious!!!! You are a lucky doggie to have such loving humans but they are even luckier to have such a perfect doggie :)

  2. Awwwww lol I know what you mean ! My Bayley gives my husband 1000 kisses to the 3 she forces me to take from her 😍🤣🥰 it just makes me want to kiss her more lol

  3. Bayley said Stop I’m blushing!!! She said she is trying be on Bam and Pebbles level 😃

  4. Lol sooooo cute!! Ozzy says I’m bout 4-5 seconds!!! I wish somebody would try me that’s all I want !!! 😂🤣🥰

  5. Can’t say no to that face…. 🥹🥹 If Mahm and Pa don’t give in, Pebs and Bam will come rescue you, Bayley 😉🤣🤣🥰🥰

  6. Lol I know she has the most saddest pout face !!! Spoiled rotten an my most famous words to her is “Bayley that’s not yours” lol then she looks at me with that face and I melt 😂🤣

  7. She got one more small piece :) , she would eat the whole ham if she could open fridge 😄 she has a very sweet/sad face and knows how to make my heart melt, she has me wrapped around her little paw 🤭😍

  8. The dirt attacked HIS face! I saw the whole thing! 😜😂

  9. Adding a child weighted blankie to my Christmas list for my Bayley :) she will love this yes yes 😍 I’ll tell her it’s from Reddit

  10. Oh gosh , I’m glad Im not there cause I would be piled up in that snuggle hug with them!!!! Soooo precious I can’t hardly handle it!!

  11. Beautiful perfect sweet baby , you are strong special gorgeous an you do have the best smile. May God bless you so very very much and bless your future with Great health, lots of laughter an more big smiles 😍

  12. I have a ton of wheat Penny’s an whole box of worldly coins , I also have more kinda like the above but takes a bit to sort em all .

  13. Awww you took my post an cross post , cause your a unhappy Scrooge? I am so sorry for you an your grinch like emotions , my Christmas decor makes you angry? You must be a fun person to be around 🙄

  14. Yes that is a very very handsome boy!!! He is going to be a big boy , and fill your lives with so many giggles and cuddles ! I am so happy for y’all ! Can’t wait to see more post of his future Boston Terrier antics!!

  15. Thanks! Last night he shocked me by jumping in the bathtub with my 3 year old! 😂

  16. Love it! Love the black and red check! It’s so much work to do, might as well put it up and enjoy it! 🎄🎄🎄

  17. Thank you so much :) that’s why we put up week after Halloween so much work , an we are able to enjoy it longer :)

  18. I would not trust mine with a Christmas Tree or presents or just about anything. He is 5 months and is spastic and will grab anything and run with it.

  19. Lol Bayley went through that stage too she is 2 years an 4 months now she grew out of that an doesn’t tear up nothing except for her toys 😍❤️

  20. You should always buy one extra Toy or Treat. Fill the stocking, avoid The Pout!

  21. Oh no worries on that at all, she has baskets an baskets full of toys , she just likes new ones lol :) she gets a toy every time I leave house an come back, she is my best friend an my spoiled little baby

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