1. And 2014 was the only season that Nadal finished as No 3. The 13 others were Top 2

  2. This is a great video! I really appreciate you sharing!

  3. Thanks, yeah I just showed one tournament per week, Halle champion Hurkazc is only mentioned in black text in the left (you can't really see it in this sped up version)

  4. Yeah, the saddest thing about this post is that he decided to go to Qatar and go into one of those stadiums

  5. That is pretty crazy that his first final was the world tour final.

  6. No, he meant a final in ATP level. Not the ATP finals

  7. The gap between the Wimbledon points and actual ranking:

  8. Thanks! I would have liked to add that but I made the post when I didn't have as much time as I should have taken (then I might also not have gotten some numbers wrong 😅)

  9. How is Nadal only on 6540. He is currently on 6020 so with the 720 from Wimbledon he would be on 6740. This clearly hasn’t counted his points from the WTF so I’m wondering how many other players are inaccurate.

  10. F*ck yeah I'm dumb. I put this together very quickly and forgot to add 200 points for Rafa. In Rune's case I actually just somehow missed that

  11. The Ruud/Nadal match ended up deciding who finished #2. Interesting!

  12. Indeed. And the US Open final decided number 1. Ruud was one win away from it

  13. If Vettel overtakes Ricciardo, Aston Martin overtakes Alfa Romeo I think

  14. Does anyone actually support alpine or Aston Martin as a team?

  15. I will always dislike Alpine for switching the yellow car into a toothpaste commercial vehicle

  16. But the official F1 youtube posted the Sainz onboard for their pole lap and everywhere says Sainz had pole for that race, plus today they said it was Max's 20th pole which would not include Belgium.

  17. Exactly, afaik it's only Pole is who ever starts the race on P1 and on sprint race weekends whoever starts the sprint race from p1

  18. Las Vegas is indeed a separate country from the US. Cool chart regardless.

  19. The point is that these two races were called the 'Las Vegas GP'. Another two season finales were the 'USA East GP'. 8 times it was the USA GP (even though some of those were also called 'USA West GP', but sometimes it was the only race taking place in the USA so that it is counted as the USA GP for statistics too. It's a bit of a mess. For tracks like Monza it's easier because all races held there were always the 'Italian GP'

  20. Whenever AM makes Q3, they always do only one run right? Is it due to them using more tire sets in Q1 and Q2 than the rest?

  21. I didn't notice they have a similar name to mine

  22. On a scale of Monza 2020 to Abu Dhabi 2021, where does this rate?

  23. Unfortunately for Kmag this pole doesn't count for statistic

  24. Actually I think it does. Iirc they changed the rule this year and said that Sprint race Pole counts as pole and not winning the sprint race. I could be wrong though

  25. Agassi and Nastase have 22 and Nadal is 8th on the list with 20 match wins

  26. We need either Agassi or Lendl to do a comeback and get one more semifinal to make it a perfect ladder

  27. Last night I dreamt Agassi returned to the tour. Does that help?

  28. It's not the official WTA website and they just got it wrong.

  29. As it has been said, not the official rankings. If you go to the WTA webpage you'll see that the race points do not (correctly) include WTA finals points but current rankings do.

  30. Impressive that Nadal reached number 2 by playing just 13 tournaments (and his Wimbledon SF gave 0 points)

  31. Yeah withWimvleodm points Nadal would be 460 points behind Alcaraz, not 1000

  32. Why slash down the best season of the year when there's another one lasting way way longer (hard court)?

  33. Alcaraz might not even get to year-end number 1

  34. Nadal would need to reach the final of the ATP Finals (winning all 3 group matches too) and Tsitsipas has to either win all his 5 matches there or win Paris and then reach the final in Turin. So, Alcaraz still has pretty good chances for year end no 1. However, this denies him from increasing the gap for next year

  35. FFS, after constantly having to fear Nadal's next injury I thought I now have a Spaniard I can root for without him missing tournaments due to injuries..

  36. Everyone? Are you sure it's not different people?

  37. Yeah, some people don't seem to understand that Reddit is not one mass but many individuals

  38. damn i’m dumb, i’d always heard it referred to as beijing here

  39. Yeah that's true but it's in the capital city, so I guess that's the reason. Also, on the WTA it is held as a 1000 event

  40. still feels odd to me to call one of many china-based tournaments (there was at least one other in shenzhen) the “china open.” this is like calling the citi/washington open “the america open” (since US open is taken lmao).

  41. Yeah, I agree. But all of China also uses one and the same time zone. So, they're just .. different

  42. Because he faced break-points after a 24 min 6-1 set? For sure.

  43. Do you remember Isner vs Anderson at Wimbledon 2018? God, it was just so boring and torturous match, the whole match was close to 7 hours with only serve lol

  44. Oh gosh, that was the worst ever. Especially because I didn't care who would win and just wanted to watch the Nadal Djokovic match but Isner and Anderson played the longest ever semifinal in Wimbledon history, so that Nadal and Djokovic couldn't finish on that Friday I watched tennis almost the whole day and was exhausted and then had to continue the next day haha

  45. Oh and in the end, to make it worse, Nadal lost that 5 set match *cry

  46. Why did Alcaraz get 190 points today while FAA only got 100?

  47. Those are including 10 points for Paris already, in Basel they have gained 180 and 90 respectively. And the reason they gained different amounts of points is that Alcaraz is still getting the full points whereas Aliassime has already played so many tournaments this year that he has to drop some other points. Because you can only collect points from about 19 tournament, I think. So, apparently Felix has to drop 90 points that he gained somewhere else earlier this year.

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