1. That would be very un-Buckethead. I heard he doesn't even drink coffee. Dude's straight edge! πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ“

  2. OMG, my Factorio-trained mind is melting at this revelation!

  3. Did you think Factorio was better than DSP so far? I haven't played it, yet.

  4. I've played far deeper into Factorio (900 h; well past first rocket launch but not quite megabase levels) than DSP (100 h; have completed all techs that need blue, red, and yellow science but haven't yet touched green, purple, or white), so I can't quite do a full comparison, but I have noticed a few main points:

  5. Someone posted this on the DSP discord and I thought you would find it interesting.

  6. It runs fine on my Windows 7. Some people report about an error and suggest using a fix (VKD3D), but I guess it is fixed on the current version (1.4), because the game works without that fix on my PC. Even though DirectX 12 is stated in system requierements it actually works on DirectX 11. I wonder why devs lie about DirectX version.

  7. Thank you! I will try it. I'm sure Steam will give me a refund if it doesn't work.

  8. Are those thermal plants? If you're building at that scale, why not fusion?

  9. I use Artificial Suns for power. Those thermal plants were there to remove the excess refined oil. Half a planet's worth of them and it still wasn't enough to burn it all away fast enough. Now I'm using a tank mod (SmartTank by JinxAOA) that automatically deletes the extra refined oil for me. I don't even know where that thermal plant planet is anymore. lol It's still out there somewhere requesting oil.

  10. Excess oil? Are you playing in a weird seed that's desperately short on gas giants? I can't imagine needing to refine crude into hydrogen, but if that's what you're doing there's a new reverse x-ray cracking recipe you might like.

  11. Here's the situation. I don't live in the starter system and I don't have a local Giant. I've added Collectors around the entire equators of 4 or 5 Giants in other systems. Veins Utilization is at level 56.

  12. I hadn't read the title and my first thought was: What episode was that!?

  13. Okay, this seems like actually cheating.

  14. I mostly agree with you. I played over 300 hours before I wanted to do a New Game +. My planets were massive messes of spaghetti and shame and I had learned what not to do by that point.

  15. Will there be a new episode of The Pinball Show this month?

  16. Technically they don't give off a sound into space because space doesn't vibrate like gas/air and it can't carry sound. The various space "sound" files are neat but they're generated from non-audible data and don't accurately represent reality.

  17. Super intelligent radioactive waste covered ants are a dangerous combo!

  18. I'm using infinite resources instead of GalacticScale. I've read comments by a few people who have had problems using both Galactic and AutoPilot.

  19. Offtopic but just in case anyone is wondering like I did, wtf thunderstore is: thunderstore is the website, launcher is called r2modman.

  20. r2modman looks identical to Thunderstore Mod Manager, but it's internally different. The R2 doesn't work on my computer but the TMM does.

  21. That should work. Take a screenshot of each station menu. Maybe we'll be able to see the issue.

  22. It's a known issue and effects every table. I don't understand the technical aspects of it but several people have noticed tables/shots not working properly unless you're at 60 fps.

  23. I would like an option to hide every planet outside of the current system. I would like an option to hide every moving transport.

  24. Removing transporter text would definitely help a lot.

  25. What's it called? I assume "warp autopilot" but you know what happens when you assume don't you?

  26. It's just called "AutoPilot". It was created by someone named "tanu".

  27. I've watched this 3 times since you posted it. It's so pretty.

  28. That's clever. Ya know, someone should design and create AFK Key Weights and market them to gamers.

  29. Ok thanks that actually helps a lot especially the 2nd pic we barely saw any interior architecture

  30. I copied my DVDs to my PC. If there is a specific image you want, give me the episode number and time index and I'll snap the screen for you.

  31. Jetpack up to the height limit, pause, unpause, jetpack up higher, repeat.

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