1. Because you didn't get component cables, because the Dreamcast doesn't do component. It does RGB. You need a transcoder if you want component.

  2. 1.) Not unless you're paranoid.

  3. I just picked up a Dell e773c monitor today too and have been trying to figure out how to get it to run at 240p for retroarch for hours with no luck. I followed this guide but the retroarch screen wouldn’t fill:

  4. If you pay enough, they’ll consider it.

  5. Vertical foldover. You need to replace a few caps.

  6. Possible yes, but you'll be on your own in getting it up and running. And it won't be any better than a normal consumer set (probably worse since the chance of burn-in and high wear is pretty high on security monitors).

  7. I mean, I'm not Wolverine. Maybe you are?

  8. Exactly, this isn't like 30 years ago, where all the naked photos of babies and infants were limited to one photo album, and only "shared" when someone physically came over and looked at them. Still weird AF to show that to people coming over, but at least nobody could take the photo and make infinite copies (I guess they could if they got the negatives, but that'd have to involve breaking into someone's home and/or belongings).

  9. It seems like a lot of people are stuck in this mindset and compleatly miss how easily things can spread on the internet.

  10. I bet these people never think about how the child would feel when they're older. Imagine if you get famous and now millions of people have seen your genitals against your will because your parents overshare.

  11. You don't have to go far to find real world examples of this.

  12. No. There aren't any. They're all HDMI to composite adapters in a trenchcoat.

  13. 480i is enough I want to use my PC on a CRT tv in its full glory, any idea?

  14. In English (and at least some other languages that use the Latin alphabet), writers choose to censor themselves by replacing letters -- usually vowels -- with symbols, most commonly asterisks (for example, f**k, n*gger, [email protected]#t).

  15. Japanese manga uses ◯ a fair bit to skirt around trademarks and such, and I'm sure it pops up in a few other places.

  16. That's a serial number. Not a model number.

  17. With stuff that early, I wouldn't bet on it. Once you get into the 90s, 60 hz working (although not NTSC colour) becomes damn near universal, so I don't think the mains frequency is ever actually used for anything, and multi voltage power supplys are even fairly common on later sets, even if the manual doesn't tell you that, so 240 volt at 60 hz would work, but you can't bet on that with stuff from the 80s.

  18. It's pretty simple. You don't. You hook up your console to your speakers directly.

  19. Well, it is by default in Steam where most people play EU4 but does EU4 come with their own screenshoting system for those unlucky ones on EGS?

  20. You're the one who has one. You tell us.

  21. If it looks fine to you, keep it on. To the rest of us, it looks like garbage.

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