1. Good reads on the opponent, I would practice doing ewgf instead of relying on assist so that you can do it more efficiently, but since you already know how to do hellsweep and dragon punch, you're halfway there.

  2. Why would you buy literally anything other than thermal paste for something that requires thermal paste?? (The answer is no)

  3. Pictures/Videos must be about Skullgirls or is skullgirls, please read the posting guidelines and subreddit

  4. Posts and topics must be about Skullgirls or playing Skullgirls. Please read the rules and guidelines of the subreddit before posting.

  5. OP, where did you get this MOBO? It looks like someone ripped off all of things on it.

  6. This art made me realize how much I want Aruni to be part of rainbow again, since we know that she's pretty much working at nighthaven as a favor to Kali for giving her the prosthetics.

  7. Drone is fine at the moment, if you're looking to get parts though, inwould recommend getting them at Focus Attack instead of Amazon

  8. [Escape] in reference to him singing escape (the piΓ±a colada song)

  9. Out of respect for everyone on this planet they should postpone the "Pissing On Bowies Grave with NFTs Extravaganza" indefinitely

  10. I find especially hilarious because you're using a NFT rn for your avatar lol

  11. Lol yeah, Reddit has been just handing these out at random for a bit now.

  12. Did you know that these were NFTs? Reddit vaguely hinted at it, but never in name

  13. Curtain call would imply that the game is ending, but they're planning to make more content for the game, so this wouldn't make sense.

  14. People still do it in PC, I have to yell at a buddy that I play with because he wants to follow the meme of doing it

  15. I dont think your "friend" knows that it's not a meme on why people tk players with rainbow banners

  16. Because homophobes, but, jokes on them, they'll just put with the other shitters like them in the future because of the reputation system.

  17. If you have a problem with the mobile version of the game and its community, go to

  18. Don't play on newcomer, learned that playing this game for the first time trying to get my account to rank 25, just play quick match and you'll be fine. Also, did you report this account for smurfing?

  19. Griefing, because playing an account that has a different (usually lower) rank or level from a "main" account is usually ruins other players' experience, especially new players.

  20. No low effort image or memes, please refer to the posting rules and guidelines of the subreddit before posting.

  21. No low effort image or memes, please refer to the posting rules and guidelines of the subreddit before posting.

  22. Panzerfaust ain't even in the game, what are you talking about πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

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