Former President Donald Trump invokes Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from NY attorney general

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  1. I guess we'll find out when they start work

  2. How is a swimming pool being closed an emergency that justifies bypassing the public bidding process? This reeks of corruption.

  3. I mean it sounds like not having this pool is going to negatively effect a lot of peoples lives and they're trying to expedite the repair process.

  4. I felt like it was pretty simple. Looking at this video, my mind tells me that it seems impossible and I don’t want to believe it.

  5. Right there with you, my brain can't really make sense of the sound coming out of that straw.

  6. Oh fuck. I thought it was a joke. Jesus fucking Christ.

  7. Yo don't just take that guys word for it wtf

  8. This one really blew my mind. It's like rewriting history.

  9. Which is weird cause my takeaway is that you maimed your cousin.

  10. RIP** jk, looks great. Shame she got nerfed into obscurity like the rest of the "Legends"

  11. Standing still in the open, pivoting in the same spot. It's pretty clear which sort of opponents these people were.

  12. They're a sniper character..

  13. shame the colors in the OP pic aren't as vibrant as the strip

  14. Yeah, it looks like it was taken right from one of the books.

  15. you have to move it more, so more precision. like less DPI

  16. More dpi is essentially higher resolution for your mouse which gives better precision.

  17. It matters when some dumb shit cost you 30 minutes and then that dumb shit just keeps happening.

  18. Sorry if I sound a bit stupid but I’m honestly amazed, as I didn’t even think this was technologically possible. Probably should’ve dug deeper into and paid more attention to how the Switch and my other devices actually work.

  19. I use Xbox game bar for recording previous gameplay. It goes up to 10-15 min iirc.

  20. I take 200mg of lamictal for bipolar daily and am terrified of this happening to me eventually.

  21. Same, and yeah like the other comment said, it would be an early symptom.

  22. I read somewhere that it was like “if Threat Level Midnight had a budget”

  23. Bruh, literally 4 comments up.

  24. Me and my homies used to take those on purpose because we thought it got us higher lmao, pretty sure it was either endorphins from the lung pain or lack of oxygen from the coughing

  25. Whenever I force myself to cough I get higher. My theory is that basically burning and irritating youre esophagus and trachea like that let's more thc into your bloodstream.

  26. Honestly I always thought it was the pressure from your lungs/diaphragm affecting blood pressure, usually when I was feeling more high from it, it was cause i was getting light headed, I could be wrong but thats just the way I worked it out myself in my head

  27. Oh yeah that makes sense to me as well, maybe it's a combo of more absorption and blood being pumped harder.

  28. Plus the speed of the lift was a lot faster too. Release Horizon was fucking nuts lol

  29. I still don't like fighting a horizon, so squirrelly. And to think back then there were people arguing she was in a fine state.

  30. Still have my psp. Only really used it for Monster Hunter. The ergonomics were terrible and I hated it’s weird super tensioned springy joystick.

  31. The joystick always got stuck and drifted for me. Even after replacements. And sadly now mine doesn't seem to charge anymore.

  32. It's the same person who made that post. It was made with the intention of selling tshirts.

  33. They made a design, decided to sell it. That's capitalism baby.

  34. Just a montage of them fucking isn't what i would call a good show. Do you like the show if so why?

  35. The camerawork was pretty impressive. Did you notice in this montage of the same characters there were no cuts? (aside from digital obviously)

  36. I'm pretty sure they were asking about story, characters, themes, etc...

  37. I mean this is cineshots, I just think its worth noting it's not just "them fucking". It's a well done take and, although I haven't seen it, speaks to the care, aesthetic, style, etc that went into the show

  38. It actually worked really well in combination with turret, cfoam, and 3 machine guns lol

  39. How'd you have all that and like a dozen mines?

  40. Sooo... The inverse is often true. When you see a nice bag that's beat to shit it's been some places. When you see a nice bag without a scratch, maybe it spends its time in storage.

  41. You would probably want to target the more naive traveler with a nondescript bag than the experienced one that's been around the world with a highly identifiable bag.

  42. You "implied" they're a dipshit you clown. You can't say you give people the benefit of the doubt and call them rude dipshits without knowing anything about them.

  43. I never called them a dipshit, and I never even called anyone a dipshit, but talked about people spelling like dipshits. That's two whole layers of separation, which I would usually say is enough to get the point across to even the thickest of people, but since you're so quick to assume I'm calling people names you'd no doubt accuse me of calling you unutterably thick if I said that.

  44. You must have blended your brain into a thick paste for those gymnastics. Noone reads what you said first and thinks, "oh he's not talking about OP, just rude dipshits that spell bad, but clearly not this guy." Put yourself in the shoes of OP reading your comment, you're either being a rude dipshit or bad enough with English that people think you are a rude dipshit. Congrats, you made some guy just learning english or with a learning disability think that he's coming across as a rude dipshit. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is having the grace to recognize people's unique situations and not make any harsh judgements based on what little you know.

  45. I mean he is making basic loops and shouting jibberish over them, it’s not like he’s putting in the same time and effort as tame impala or something.

  46. You know how much practice it takes to be that good? He's phenomenal.

  47. Reddit doesn't have any one opinion on Bill Gates.

  48. Biff pushing himself on Marty's mom? Idk, it was also gross at the time the movie came out. I mean, he's the villian of the story.

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