1. Dino’s is a favorite of mine. Leroy has a nice atmosphere and really good cocktails, but their staff comes off as a little pretentious to me. El Rey also has great food and drinks. Avoid 1048 though

  2. Downtown bar scene in Montgomery is plain said. Cloverdale is much more fun

  3. Barista or bartender. Love the social aspects of both coffee shops and bars, and meeting new people

  4. I just recently switched to Amplify Salon behind Cafe Louisa. The woman who cut my hair on my first visit said she doesn’t specialize in men’s haircuts but still did a fantastic job. Plus you’ve got a few places nearby to grab food/coffee/beer before or after.

  5. Only thing dying this episode is any semblance of a storyline

  6. Come up with something original! Engage your cranium! MAKE AN INSULT THAT MATTERS

  7. AL - Yellowhammer Belgian white. I’m partial a Belgian white, but I just have many brewers in AL that make a good one other than Yellowhammer.

  8. Bristow,Va june 2008, live trax 14. This was the last time Leroy played with the band. This was the opener and it’s freaking awesome.

  9. Beat me to it. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of Leroi still being with the band, but damnit if this isn’t a good one.

  10. I was at that show in OKC! My first DMB poster and by far my favorite one that I own

  11. Five shows now. My first was in Oklahoma City in 2016. Saw two more shows this summer. I’ve never had a bad show

  12. Hey Auburn, do Alabama fans always come into your game threads and explain the game of football to you?

  13. Gus Malzahn going for two = big brain move. Go ahead and get that extension ready

  14. I turned off this game when it was 12-1. What the shit happened here.

  15. I’m just going to say it.... I don’t like Alabama. Not one bit.

  16. Being an Auburn fan is like being in an abusive relationship

  17. Today at work, I, an Auburn grad, talked shit to two Bama grads about tonight’s game. Tomorrow morning is going to be brutal.

  18. The KINE course used to be easy. I took it 2 years ago and had no problem with it, but my friend took it the following semester and it has apparently become the harder course. Don’t take it

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