1. So is parish like a county there? In Louisiana parish is used as a replacement for county

  2. I mean, maybe? But very different meanings. Over here, a county is a very large area - 800-1500 sq. miles at least. Yorkshire is 3200 square miles. A parish is usually a small town or village. The parish in in is made up of 3 small villages - they only have about 50-100 houses each, so they’re too small to have separate parishes.

  3. That’s interesting, cool to know how parish is used over there. Thanks

  4. It might be necessary to help cure diseases we have, like cancer.

  5. Give it a shot of whiskey and see how it reacts

  6. I’m Cajun and I don’t eat seafood, personally like barbecue more

  7. Valid, but I mean common barbecue items like brisket etc

  8. You can choose a IT girl, Marie, and a club girl without any consequences. I personally go Yukiko Marie Ai

  9. Run like there's a tiger behind me, run? Or jog like I'm trying to keep this up for an hour? Verrrrry different....

  10. Run as long as you possibly can with any pace you want

  11. Sure, dew it for the memes, also it’s a good song

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