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  1. Lol. Reminds me of when WhistlinDiesel was having a reverse sale on his webstore. Everything was double price. Lol. That dude is hilarious.

  2. OMG dude, I just laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur. Thank you 👍🙏

  3. glad I made u laught, but I'm kinda going nuts here because I thought I replied to someone saying something in that line

  4. If you can't fix it your way, you can get replacement on AliExpress (6028 SMD LED)

  5. thanks, I was wondering which LED I should buy, but I think is some microcontroller not working correctly, because all the LED won't turn on

  6. There is an Avatar the last air bender movie

  7. Mh. There are more than enough people who prefer lonelyness over company.

  8. to be honest I'm 21 and i have never been in a relationship, I feel really lonely and it sucks, also the times I have spent with people I had feelings were some of the best times I had, I don't know how complicated being in a relationship is but it's no one's fault that the other person is a complete asshole

  9. you people make 6"1 look like a giant, I just googled 190cm in feet and discovered I'm 6"3

  10. you know that moment when you are so happy you can't hold your smile? I used to be like that all the time, when I thought of her, spoke to her, saw her, I just couldn't and didn't really wanted to stop smiling with that goofy face. I don't really think that this is love but I made so many good memories that I'll never forget

  11. I got it 5 times, to be honest, the fist time was awful, the second had less symptoms and the other 3 were not that bad, usually a 2 to 3 days headache with my whole body feeling very tired

  12. tbh it isn't waterproof and coke is one of the worst thing people usually drops on computer, laptops and keyboards, u might get some corrosion damage but if it was a small amount it will probably be fine, if u feel comfortable I'd recommend opening it and cleaning the circuit board with isopropyl alcohol

  13. I really hate my job, my boss is an asshole, when I started here we were in 5 people, now it's just 2 and I have to do everything while doing my part, I get paid almost nothing and have to deal with my boss angry because I scheduled a doctor's appointment at work hour

  14. I guess that that's a problem with this phone, mine was around 8 months when I left it on the ground and someone stepped on it 2 days later the phone would turn on, the board was dead

  15. I know it probably is way harder to make a game cross platform, but is there another reason for not going with that?

  16. I never tried to fix a keyboard, but I repair eletronics and usually those problems are the switches, you probably should buy new switches for your board, but if you want to test, you can desolder one that's bad and switch with one that's good and test if the key will work or not

  17. my s10e started froze and started rebooting, had to take it to warranty and they changed its mainboard

  18. Hi! Peter from Mechfashion here. :)

  19. I would probably accidentally say something bad to him be for the gorilla crushed the soul out of me 🦍

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