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  1. Bern bern already tried this in the senate and it got stopped dead by both parties

  2. I mean. Nah under the current legal structure their jobs can still involve aggressing against innocent people

  3. You’re supposed to take one breath and then vocalize it out, not breath only helium for 30 seconds straight.

  4. except for that last bullet point. You can do whatever you want as long as it’s not affecting a non-consenting party.

  5. The neutron bombardment device from mass effect that leaves infrastructure intact but destroys all life in a given radius as my best attempt to render the fridge sterile

  6. What a colossal & repugnant pile of scumfucks.

  7. I may not have a lot of money but whenever I see oppressors I grab a jet from the military base and do my best

  8. No, 9mm +p. Nickel plated to reduce friction in the barrel too. All together it’s an absurdly high velocity handgun round with a cavernous hallow point that fragments and disperses all of the energy really quickly to create a wide enough stretch cavity to cause hydrostatic shock similar to a rifle round, at least according to the advertising. It also just barely penetrates far enough to meet FBI guidelines.

  9. I have a box of this. Does it cycle reliably? I want to test it but it's expensive as balls.

  10. I’ve run I think maybe 100-120 rounds through my walther PPQ with no issues. I had a couple failures to feed but I’m almost certain it was a problem with one specific magazine. As that magazine also had a habit of jamming up. Just put don’t too much pressure on the projectile itself cause they can deform a bit, like if stepped on or if you have clumsy hulk loading fingers. But I think as long as you have a good magazine and feed ramp it should work fine.

  11. No striker fired pistol is pre-cocked. That is inherent in the design.

  12. Some pistols do have single action strikers to improve the trigger pull such as the Walther PPQ. But there are still internal safety mechanisms to keep the system drop safe

  13. True. Jacob's is so bad I made a 20 minute video calling him a piece of shit lol. Jack and Miranda get shafted too.

  14. Really hope Individual liberties, and bodily autonomy is taking more seriously. Tolerance of corruption ceasing to be would be nice.

  15. Someone unronically saying “My political opponents are subhuman.” Followed by “I’m anti fascist.” Has to be the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  16. Is there a currency of any form at any point in history that didn't experience loss of buying power?

  17. The US dollar went up sometimes before it was converted to fiat in the 1960s. It also didn’t have constant inflation prior to the creation of the federal reserve

  18. No shit the plates were small. Most foods were subject to rationing in 1942.

  19. I guess there’s a reason Russian ballistic armor generally comes standard with the Kevlar dick flap

  20. That is not what I expected to read today

  21. Well that’s obviously because the unstoppable knockdown power of .45 ACP would just push the window from its frame and cause it to impact the people behind it at lethal velocities. Why do you think they used the cartridge to destroy Hiroshima

  22. Fukushima was perfectly earthquake proof. It was just having the facility be without power followed by the emergency generators being flooded and then nobody coming to help for 9 hours(because all the infrastructure had been destroyed by said tsunami) when the batteries ran out that was the problem

  23. No. The country that was considered the most corrupt in Europe prior to this war won’t make me reconsider holosun. It’s a cheap optic that a poor country can afford. Yet, I will admit, that it’s the best poor tier option.

  24. Even “American made” optics mostly have their glass and electronic parts manufactured in east Asia lol.

  25. I mean man weighs 300 lbs. idk how much I could do on my own

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