1. Lol, so corporate sent them only 75 pairs of sunglasses to give out for the whole state? I’ve never stepped foot into a Be location so maybe their foot traffic is that low but still…such an underwhelming promotion

  2. The current, second public comment period is open til 7/25 and the last time it took 2-3 months for them to review the comments and come back with the second round. This second round had a “clerical error” that reset the clock by several weeks. The revisions did fix some missing pieces but even still on this second round the regulations are actively undermining what’s clearly and explicitly stated in the MRTA.

  3. I, too, am completely appalled by the way Carle Place operates and treats patients. This feeling of dismay has lead me to recently and frequently use harsh language towards Curaleaf in this public forum, which I now wish to also use in hopes of fully conveying how awful they truly are.

  4. You were remarkably restrained just now though…seems like you’re just another patient with legitimate grievances fed up with our program that not only won’t expand to meet our needs, but has declined in quality and accountability since the MRTA passed.

  5. Trim some of the lowers, or at very least tuck some leaves down to help get more sun exposure for newer bud sites. I’d look at the under side of your leaves though, it looked like in the one picture there could’ve been a couple marks showing some spider mite handiwork - damn fuckers

  6. I keep my AVB for a rainy day but think I need to stop bc I’ve got like a couple GALLON ziplock bags full. I just don’t really use edible route medications much any more and for what I do use, I’ve got plenty of own DIY tincture, MCT oil, as well as a couple bottles of Verilife chewable tablets copped during their last promotion. I hate to waste material that still has medicinal content but pretty sure my husband is going to ask that I either make something or get rid of it soon

  7. This is a longer read - 11 minutes or so - but very much worth reading. Despite legalization, stigma and closed mindedness are still very much at play.

  8. Brush teeth, drink water, take CBD, magnesium. Hold troche until u start going down the rabbit hole (1 hour for me), swallow and go with the flow

  9. Holy moly, you can hold the solution for an hour? I find at the 11 minute mark in more than ready to spit it out, lay down, and let myself drift. I’m assuming you’re probably feeling moderate or full effects the nearly the full hour but then how long are you feeling further effects once you spit? Genuinely interested in your strategy

  10. I hold it until I start to k hole, which is about an hour. I start swallowing little bits of a time at that point. By the time I finish swallowing it all (about 1.5 hours), I'm pretty deep in it. I'm usually in the k hole (or near to it) for 1-1.5 hours.

  11. Thank you for sharing, that’s very interesting. I need to figure out a way to be seated comfortably and upright, I think that would make it much easier to hold it for longer. What are the lingering side effects afterwards? I feel like when I’ve held for the full 15 minutes I have what feels like a chemical headache when I come out of the trip

  12. I think you should be able to edit your post by clicking on the three dots that should appear on top right?

  13. Yea but no option to add another picture, I’m going to post again sometime soon with a review of the Girl Scout Cookies whole flower. I’ll add more pictures to that

  14. Perfect, thanks so much! Is GSC a Botanist strain too? Excited to see what the other ROs bring to the table with their flower, especially since Etain’s still never took off (or at least publicly that we seem aware of)

  15. They’re using dry conversion vs wet conversion to increase potency

  16. Does anyone know if Botanist’s PPL is Pink Pineapple by any chance?

  17. It actually was briefly saying OCM, see my other comment for the OCM response to my Assemblymember (bc you know, no reason to followup with the patient, right?)

  18. I was the one who posted about that and although I never heard back from anyone at OCM, OCM replied to my Assemblywoman’s office saying:

  19. AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED HOME GROW HAS ALREADY BEGUN. I just had my first harvest in over 20 years and what I grew makes absolutely any flower in any dispensary in this state look like steaming dog shit. I KNOW what I grew is 100% organic, has absolutely no pesticides and absolutely no heavy metals which I know EVERY dispensary has or uses in the production of their products.

  20. Still years off from being able to brag about a really decent harvest but have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience, time with the plants, as well as the ability to say “I grew that!” I find it tremendously helpful as a stress release, so IMHO the act of growing is just as medicinal as the flowers

  21. The last time I saw a journalist poking around in here, they didn’t seem to know shit about the MMJ program. That’s why I didn’t reply.

  22. Not all journalists/news outlets are created equal, that’s for sure.

  23. I am so so very sorry for your loss. From the integration circles I did, it seemed quite a few people were able to find some peace while dealing with grief.

  24. Are you sure it didn’t melt leaning up against something in his pocket or wherever he was storing it? It looks like melted plastic on the lower right at the bottom of the cart. Is it possible maybe he unknowingly messed with the voltage so it burned hotter than it needed to? Or does that battery/device have a button that sticks?

  25. Did the dispo staff make any effort to offer you a private space, and/or could they have offered a more precise time that your order would be fulfilled (maybe not so much for this trip since you were there, but maybe in the future could you say, “I’ll arrive at 2pm” so they can have it staged and ready to be rung out? I get with the IT system being down everything is god awful slow but just a tiny little bit of compassion can go a long way. I’m sorry another patient made that comment to you - I don’t think anyone really loves to hear a baby crying but it’s a baby who probably may not know why it’s crying other than “one of my needs aren’t met,” so how can you talk to a mother like that?

  26. Whoever reported this: that ain't it. Would you find it appropriate if a pharmacy ejected a patient with a child waiting for their medication?

  27. Must be why most of the comments were deleted. Pretty sure they still have a policy in place limiting how much they’re supposed to be interacting on social media, as it inevitably ends up making them de facto “representatives of the company.”

  28. There will be a dads and grads sale next week if they keep their trends

  29. Nothing says “medicine” like graduation and Father’s Day discounts. Sad that that’s how we can more affordably access our medicine

  30. Sorry I'ma noobie. When will it come in place and how would it benefit me. Cheaper stuff right.

  31. See my comment above - it’ll be sometime next session (Jan 2023) at the earliest for this to be taken up again…but it’ll still require advocacy and pushing to get it to actually move.

  32. Unfortunately there’s been no movement on the Assembly companion bill that would also need to pass before the Governor could sign it. As you can see, it hasn’t moved since session started, didn’t appear to be on any Committee agendas for this week, and today is the last planned session day. The Senate and Assembly versions will need to be taken up again next year in order to move this bill forward.

  33. Always preview menus before going anywhere, and if you have a long commute, it may be worth trying to call to confirm you’ll be getting what you plan to. Preordering doesn’t necessarily guarantee all items will be in stock unfortunately.

  34. I think Rise has a New Patient survey that needs to be filled out, but from my recollection I never actually met with a pharmacist there. I definitely met with a Verilife pharmacist my first time there but it’s been years so it’s possible they’ve been more relaxed. I’m sure others will have a more recent information on that. You may have trouble setting up your first order if you haven’t done your first-visit consult. Normally they recommend a long (capsules, tinctures) and short acting (vape carts, flower) option for your first visit but it shouldn’t be too rigid or required. The only issue could lie in how your recommendation was written - “per pharmacist consultation” is the most open ended option and what is ideal. A recent patient has an issue where I think their doctor didn’t want them using flower or vapes and they wrote their recommendation that way.

  35. Pretty sure is it’s PharmaCannis (Pineapple?) Silver Haze? I avoid Sativas so I don’t pay as close attention but pretty sure it’s that strain name or very close to it. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong

  36. Per the original 2014 Medical bill, we were ALWAYS entitled to this information: “10A REGISTERED ORGANIZATION SHALL DETERMINE THE QUALITY, SAFETY, AND

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