1. I was gonna ask the same thing lol. It looks like the plastic is still on.

  2. I mean… I guess it’s not wrong lol

  3. Socially in college. I had a terrible experience with a chocolate edible a few years ago. Massive panick attack, shaking, sweating and then vomiting. Now any time I even smell it, it brings me back to that evening and I get massive anxiety. So nope, never again

  4. Same here. But I’m also bipolar and you’re not supposed to have cannabis if you’re bipolar or schizophrenic apparently

  5. i’ve never heard this that’s crazy! im bipolar and it doesn’t bother me at all, it helps to smoke a lot more then a lot of meds i’ve been put one

  6. It’s actually in a couple CEs and in the material that Trulieve gives you (my husband’s dispensary of choice). I’ve always wondered if it’s a reaction with the medication and not just the chemical imbalance.

  7. Down to Fill? Deck the Customer? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 50/50 lol

  8. Worked as a Shift Lead Rx two years ago, my pay was $14.20/hr in Tampa, FL.

  9. I do it at work, mostly because I have enough downtime to do them in the two years it takes for my license to need renewal lol. Lives and med errors are usually done at home tho.

  10. I always sang “TELLLLLL MI SARTAN GOOOOOD!”

  11. As long as the pharmacist who is refusing the meds isn’t admonishing the patient and giving the patient different options (“Staff pharmacist will be here at 3, and they’d be able to fill your script”), then I don’t see a problem really. It’s no different than pharmacy personnel that practice the Muslim faith and pray at specific times of the day, really.

  12. Lololol at the memory of the first time I encountered “ezetimibe”. In the Igbo language, it can translate to the grammatically correct phrase “Eze, ti’m Ibe”, or “Eze, smack Ibe for me!”

  13. Aaand thanks to you, im calling it “the slap-a-hoe” drug.

  14. You’re putting too much thought into it lol. I have MDs calling me that don’t know how to say some of the meds they prescribed. Drug names are hard, that’s that lol.

  15. I mean.. one option would be to make an excel sheet that shows the interchangeable BCs and generics. Idk how feasible that would be, though, tbh. I haven’t dealt with BCs since I left the 3 letter

  16. I do 99% of the time. This was just an odd exception, and they have never forced me to leave before, but just paid the few minutes of OT. Believe me, I will never stay over again, if I can actually make myself stay and not resign.

  17. That’s what new-world was saying. They only value you for the 80 hours, so only give them the 80 hours of your scheduled time. If the place goes down in a blaze of glory and they ask why, remind them of the time they took issue with a little overtime.

  18. Shiiiit, try working at an independent lol. You don’t have to worry about the DEA rejecting you, the wholesaler will do it themselves. Then tell you “oh, that sucks” when you explain that the patient is due for their meds.

  19. And someone is still going to put the label on the front of the box 🫠

  20. Still way more space than Northstar's alendronate package lol!

  21. Literally any alendronate package lol

  22. I mean, I’ve been a tech for about 5 years now.. I’d still prefer my pharmacy team to prioritize typing and filling (and safely/correctly) my personal scripts than answering the phones. But that’s just me, I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. Reminds me of the “let’s eat grandma” meme lol

  24. You came the CVS subreddit just to complain about the company to other company employees? Do you feel better now? Is this the attention the wittle baby wanted? Take your negativity back to your mother’s basement troll.

  25. You must be new here, upvote. You’re the one out of place, bud lol. Keep your comments to yourself. The employees get bullied enough at work, they don’t need your shit too

  26. There’s 3 classes, but the proposed update gets rid of the lowest class. You’re technically supposed to have them separate and labeled, count on a separate tray, wear gloves (and a mask in some instances), and sanitize after each one.

  27. Technically we’re supposed to ask the MD for clear instructions. But I just do 15 ds 🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. What is it with people and KVK oxys? I've had this same interaction with someone bc we have to special order it in for that patient.

  29. I have two patients that request it specifically— one with HIV and one with “chronic pain” due to being overweight. Both of them say the same thing, it’s the only brand they’ve had that doesn’t “tear their stomach up.”

  30. How do you know the patient's chronic pain was just from being overweight?

  31. Prescriber slipped up one time and admitted that the chronic pain was due to the patient being overweight and affecting the joints in the knees. Told me that while trying to giving a verbal for Alli lol

  32. $17 at a small independent in Tampa, Florida.

  33. 4 years now, but worked in pharmacies for 7 total. (Did cashiering, put away will call scripts, and stocked shelves when I wasn’t licensed)

  34. As a petrolhead/car guy I find it funny the anti electric sentiment. I have both fossil cars and electric and they're both decent.

  35. This is great information. Even though you didn’t post sources, you’ve presented your points in a way that makes it easy to do a Google search

  36. Does it harm the car if you keep the leaves there? My 16 has been full of leaves for about 6 months now.

  37. I mean.. I imagine it’s not great for the paint in the long term lol. It’s more annoying than anything, walking up to my beautiful car and seeing leaves poking out lol

  38. I found a random piece of blue plastic sticking out of that same spot on mine like an hour ago. Looks like an old piece of a tarp or something. It's a good spot for stuff to collect, make sure you clear it out when you wash the car so water and moisture doesn't collect!

  39. That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. It rains pretty much once a day here in Tampa Bay, Florida, so I’m afraid it’s gonna mulch lol

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