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  1. Show us the finished product

  2. Throw the shaker on the floor and kick it around like a soccer ball.

  3. If I ever hear someone to ask me to violently shake something, I will be doing this. Thanks.

  4. Ping. Did you forget about ping? LoR is a turn based card game, having lightning fast response isn't exactly important. In a fighting game it is probably the most important thing. I highly doubt it is anywhere even close to an idea for project L

  5. League players waited a decade for in game replays... Lol "in development."

  6. Also consider that when someone posts a joke to not take offence.

  7. Depends on the person. Sometimes I go to my favorite lunch spot 3-4 times a week. I keep to myself,read a book or browse reddit, I tip 50-100% they love me (so i think.) and I also have my own regulars, who come in multiple times a week, are extremely needy, bother my other guests, and don't tip enough for the attention they require. It's all circumstantial.

  8. I have not stopped listening to this song since I first heard it 🙌🏼

  9. Brother I heard it last night and I can't stop. I've recommended it to all my local metal heads.

  10. He's making a shitty joke that's not funny. There is no announcement.

  11. That coating that gets ruined when you run it through the dishwasher allows it to scoop ice like warm butter. It doesn't slide through as well without it.

  12. He's made more money in 5 years than your entire lineage will for the next 5 generations

  13. Why did you feel the need to be negative in a positive thread?

  14. You, me, and a pint of Rich n Rare rotgut whisky underneath the Buck O’Neill bridge

  15. I'm in. I'll bring the R&R.

  16. Seems normal and consistent with real life

  17. "I hate when the dialogue is realistic, can we throw some pazazz on it"

  18. This is where I fall. As an old person, I finally got my teeth fixed during the pandemic and can actually smile with teeth now. It’s nice to be able to show that off.

  19. I'm a bartender, I got my nostrils pierced right as the pandemic happened, felt like a waste of money when I had to wear a mask every single day. My teeth are also broken, if I got them fixed during the pandemic and had to wear a mask I would have been even more bummed.

  20. Multiple seasons of the pronunciation of "aang".

  21. It is the one and only movie I have ever walked out of the theater in in my entire life. A special place in hell for the director and anyone else involved.

  22. At my first job, in fast food, we would chant "Fuck this job, I don't need it."

  23. Ooof. I hate it. We are closed, please leave, I want to be alone in quiet after I just got railed for six hours, please leave.

  24. My coworker insisted on making a malort cocktail, for our fall menu. Basil infused vodka, peach puree, ricotta "fat washed" malort. We don't live in Chicago, it is the most unfinished or sent back drink, it's disgusting if you aren't already a fan of malort. Our cocktails almost never get sent back/unfinished. This one regularly is.it got to the point where I have to ask everyone who orders it if they know what malort is, they usually don't, I give them a sample, and it saves me the trouble of not making a cocktail they won't drink. I convinced the boss man to dump the last batch out and 86 it yesterday, feels great.

  25. If you did any research you'd see this game is pretty dead.

  26. Friday and sat nights I make about 60 an hour on a good day. I don't work in upscale, more like a neighborhood craft cocktail bar with a very strong crowd of bar regulars, not "my" regulars.25 an hour is a pretty bad night for me. That being said we don't make minimum wage here, ten an hour.

  27. Maybe a foot pedal? You can get USB ones - I've been thinking of getting one for push to talk but for you a left click pedal could help.

  28. Push to talk pedals are a bad idea if you drive a car. Muscle memory will mess you up, don't ever talk in your car lol.

  29. Oh wow, I have never seen one of those before. Applications behind the bar? To juice you cut them in half, for garnish you take swaths. Why would you need to incise the peel?

  30. Sometimes you need a snack at work and actually just eat the orange

  31. How? can't for the life of me convince my friends to even touch a fg, im still holding out for projekt l to trick them into the abyss with me

  32. So I was tricked into playing fighting games, here's how. Four of us friends, 2 veterans in the local fgc, 2 of us who have never played fighters. The two vets proposed a bet that they could train each of the non fighter players better, so we took 2 ish months each of us training with one of the vets. 50$ per person on the line. First to 10, I won in 19 rounds with an insane comeback. And now I'm a fighting game player foaming at the mouth waiting for project L. I would never have broken the barrier to entry if I wasn't trained by a top5% player who taught me optimal combos and game sense, with money on the line lol.

  33. She can barely talk, Untill he says shes told him lies, watch how fast she became coherent. Hilarious.

  34. If you get bold, the middle of the glass labyrinth is a good place to lay down and scream cry.

  35. They made me leave through the intercom when I went there at night lol.

  36. I hope it becomes a breakfast diner like a Denny's or something...

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