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How cat-tastic!

All in favor, raise a paw.

  1. Thanks for all the updates! Need more people like you in the world.

  2. Mate, I am with ya on this one. It ruins the burger experience.

  3. She seems to be doing better, please update us on her progress

  4. Her wounds are healing well but sadly no improvement in her walking. Vets have almost given up hope on her walking again.

  5. Are they strays, might want to look into desexing them, want to avoid more little ones running around

  6. I actually think the game is extremely painful to play multi-crew. Because you increase the risk of hitting some bug, wasting time waiting for someone to recover from a bug, waiting for people to catch up, etc...

  7. Don't know why you're being down voted, anyone who has played the game knows this is true.

  8. Good thing she wasn't a cop and didn't have a gun. We already had one of those.

  9. Don't forget the cunt cops who 'found' weed in his apartment in an attempt to demonize the poor guy.

  10. I was getting 450 a week during the pandemic since I couldn't work my part time job. My friends who couldn't work their full jobs were getting roughly twice that.

  11. drop em in a glass of water for 18-24 hrs, you'll know they're ready if they sink themselves or tapping them causes them to sink.

  12. Me and my recently acquired 12700k gaze longingly into the future. Let my 3070 spread it's wings!

  13. Been thinking of getting a 12700k, how's it been treating you?

  14. Thanks for all of your hard work, hope the little ones continue to live the good life.

  15. Hi all not sure how to add text as I’m on mobile. Please delete if not allowed but my sisters cat has gone missing in Kalamunda and we are desperate to find him. If you please see him let us know!? :)

  16. When people eventually find their missing kitties, they're usually a lot closer than you think. Also a good idea to leave the owners scent around the area (clothes, etc), so when it gets quiet, the kitty can smell their way back home. Leave some food, litter box and bed outside.

  17. You guys checked local missing animal groups on fb? Local pounds and vets etc.

  18. Let the vets know about the lack of litter use. Probably just nervous. Give her time, it's a good sign she is eating and drinking. Good Luck!

  19. I don't know how it works where you live, but maybe try contacting your local council to ask for an animal trap. Just leave it with some food inside and wait. Eventually hungry kitty will go inside. He will hate it and you initially, but that's better than how things are currently. If the council can't help you, you can go online and rent animal traps. Make sure you get one large enough for him.

  20. Hopefully the other cats were taken care of as well. Rest easy Varpu!

  21. Maybe for some people, but there will be others that don't understand it and thats still an issue. It took me till half way through the beta before I found out that invasions downgrade your stuff. The only reason I found out is because someone told me. I saw a message in chat that said a forge somewhere had been downgraded and I was like "why would you downgrade anything? Is there a benefit to that?" I only found out later from my company that it was because of the invasion. There's more than just that too, comparing which gear is better needs a bit more info there. Do you know how the town/fort upgrades work? Did you know that the governor of a zone can buy a 20% boost to materials looted in that zone? When we are introduced to the fast travel system, why does it not tell us that it's based on weight distance and faction standing? The only way I found out was just hovering over fast travel long enough cause I was wondering why it cost so much.

  22. I feel the game does a pretty terrible job explain things. For the entirety of the beta, me and my mates would constantly discuss how systems worked and most of the time, we were all wrong.

  23. From a coding and art aspect this would be extremely hard to implement. I can't think of another game with a similar mechanic. They may have to start from the ground up on something like that. Thats just code, you also have to deal with the art and model aspects of it. Not an easy thing to do.

  24. This was my main concern, but hey, just an idea for end game limitless PvE content. Which the game seems to be lacking at this point.

  25. If there is one, there is probably more, make sure you take a good look around, bait with dry food. Then take kittens to vet for checkup.

  26. Yeah the guy is a huge dick, but 7 years seems harsh. Hope there were some extenuating circumstances for such a high punishment.

  27. Cunt should've been shot in both legs. Fucking prick. Seven years is nothing to brain damage.

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