1. Half of this is indirectly talking shit on Europe but oka

  2. Oh my glorious king and Seongjun in same panel

  3. Btw why is that album of Charles naked 💀 wtf.

  4. You have all the viral hit characters but not Yoo Ho-bin ?

  5. Let us examine something here, since its a sensitive topic for some posters.

  6. Heather was included in every way while Olly wasn’t even allowed to eat with them lmao

  7. What’s with J high and having the most beefiest meaty characters in Lookism

  8. Fascinating! How is the rest of the world look like and the future of this timeline?

  9. I think she’s for real, went down the rabbit hole and she does like maid cafe and runs a Japanese shop and shit. Also her insta and older stuff is pretty rough with the race baiting makeup.

  10. I have been observing this sub for over a year and have seen all kinds of eras - Samuel vs Doo fans , Jake 2nd mc arc , Goo slander , Stan wars etc

  11. What you said doesnt change my point in anyway James still beat Gonseop whether you like it or not

  12. No hypothetically for James to win he had to use his surroundings to his advantage (literal construction site where one mess up can make a disaster), in this scenario Elite and Gongseob is fighting in a place with no obstructions or a plain, there’s no one to stop Gongseobs durability ain’t nothing touching him.

  13. Unless you have some type of panel that says that then thats just a headcanon cap that you are tryna use to wank your favorite character we all know James has some crazy AP

  14. I guess it's a trend now to pick a character every week and mass hate on them. Eli is a common target.

  15. Bruh I just hated on him because I came recently like deadass had no idea

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