1. He's 18, that's lots of time to develop. He doesn't have to ready be NHL by 20. Most goalies don't get until around 23-24

  2. Progression slows at 23-24. If he's not NHL caliber by then, he won't make it.

  3. Trade value also plummets by that age if they aren't in the NHL too

  4. Exactly - I've yet to see a goaltender with this low average make it as a truly elite goalie, and you can find those high 70s/low 80s goalies all over the place.

  5. Trade for boeser and being him home.

  6. You can also get him for free in 3 years - for some stupid reason the Canucks NEVER resign him.

  7. Same reason in real life... OEL contract lol

  8. Hilarious, in mine they managed to get out of their cap hell by moving out from Myers & Garland and someone else.

  9. The same strategy that is used in other public hospitals, works best here too.

  10. Wales underperforming the entire tournament leaving the colony to somehow defy the odds and qualify for the knockouts.

  11. As an Englishman, I was pretty worried about that final match - thought were going to see a proper fiery red dragon Welsh performance.

  12. I think this tournament as a whole we’ve been quite pessimistic about our chances, the welsh I’ve spoken to haven’t given us as much stick because it’s the first time since the last major tournament none of them have heard us saying ‘it’s coming home’ We did what we needed to do, two good performances and a stalemate against the colony. Not bad overall. Straight knockout will break our hearts I imagine though, just a matter of when.

  13. I just have this sneaky feeling about the Poland / France match. I really do. Not sure what it is, but I just have this weird feeling that something will come up England which will get everyone fired up again.

  14. Might those have been Cyber Monday prices you saw before?

  15. You lose 2 dry tires after every practice session:

  16. As so this is probably why the 403 was closed from Hurontario. Good thing I don't take the 403 > 410 home anymore lol

  17. Yep. I got on at 403 / Hurontario, and it was just slowing down. Literally must have been caught within just a few minutes.

  18. Damn, honestly I think that's the scariest sight/experience because at that point it's almost impossible to break the slide unless you really know how too

  19. Yeah, I can't fathom why it was only those specific stretches that were so bad.

  20. Nothing's happened - the player we see now is the same player that was at Everton / WBA / United etc.

  21. To be completely fair, both he & Keefe acknowledged that he was brutal to start the year - the criticism was absolutely warranted, but perhaps not to the extent that it reached.

  22. Can you explain this part plz?

  23. Generally speaking, that's correct - prospect development is much more influenced by playing players in their correct roles, than it was in the past.

  24. I’ve currently got a 51 ovr medium franchise sitting on my first line in the ahl, I couldn’t leave him in juniors and he seems to be doing fine (not home but 9g 6a in 20g)

  25. Slapping these games into baseball stadiums has never been a smart idea - football stadiums or move on. So silly.

  26. That's an awesome callback to Witcher 1.

  27. Thankfully, seems like most people don't see anything in him anymore - time to move on.

  28. Even as the Transformers movies gradually got more & more ridiculous, the sheer enjoyment of watching giant metal robots smash into each other & blow shit up spectacularly, was reason enough to keep watching them.

  29. She's the only reason I didn't give the show like a 9/10 for it's final few seasons - the fact that she was so obviously shoe-horned into the final seasons, despite her story being so irrelevant, meaningless, and a sideshow to the more interesting bits, was so frustrating as a viewer.

  30. Did anyone else think he actually wasn't that great? Tbh his first half was awful. Missed a big chance, and kept giving the ball away.

  31. I'd seen a few angles of the incident, but this one really lets you see / feel the impact of the poor guys' head against the boards. Jesus.

  32. The music just makes it x10300340 creepier.

  33. I was at 50 but I never signed anyone new after the deadline.

  34. Any exempt contracts that kicked in the year after for Canadian prospects?

  35. How do you expect people to know where it is, if there's no airport?

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