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  1. For one person it's around 400-500 CHF, so 890 per Month for a family of 4 seems like a pretty good deal. I'm guessing your wife has a complementary insurance.

  2. I'm not sure what you want to achieve, I'm guessing some kind of depth to these scales?

  3. Had to look up who that is. Definitely has the same apparel style.

  4. And for people like me, aspartame IS bad, I'm allergic and it makes me feel sick. I once got horribly sick because I drank some Walmart diet root beer my brother got, it tasted like liquid aspartame with a few root beer candies dropped in it.

  5. Anything someone is allergic to is not good for that person, that is needless to mention and understood.

  6. There are many places that ban pitbulls and other bully breeds because they tend to be overly aggressive, but if it’s a service animal you can get around it. In America, many order a best that says ‘support animal’ or ‘emotional support animal’, which often fools people into thinking it’s legit. But these dogs receive zero training and the owners get their certificate online to bypass rules against pets or specific breeds.

  7. Here all dogs higher thatn 40cm or heavier than 20kg need always to be on a leash plus you have to visit a vet and do a (very basic) test just to see if you understand the basic necessities and body language of a dog and how to handle them. Anything on a list - breeds that have a high incidence rate and/or were bred for their bite/fighting abilities - always needs to be muzzled and you need to do a character assessment of the dog and also prove you are responsible before you can walk it without muzzle. It works very well. One main gripe I have is that because of this it has become apparent that GSD/Malinois breeds have been completely overlooked and many owner are not capable of handling them at all.

  8. Definitely needs a bit of insanity for such a reaction. The guy offering the bill and following was pretty rude though too.

  9. Oh it's an actual (side?) flute. I just saw some headlines where it said slaver's flute and thought it was some kind of ocarina or whistle to command slaves around. I even had to look up who James Madison was. Playing a crystal flute must be really awesome, it's like a purple loot flute.

  10. I'd roll out like that. The knee high boots are a bit weird though. Does any contemporary army still have that?

  11. I'm also surprised at how few full self service stations there are. In other countries it's pretty normal to just pay directly outside with a debit card or even app. Sometimes it does feel anachronistic in Germany. Especially when so much is done via paper and the incredible demand that everything is paid via Lastschrift instead of them sending me e-bills.

  12. Lastschrift is the far superior system to e-bills though, we LIKE those.

  13. Except that you still need to check it every month, especially with mobile carriers, insurances and energy companies that have a tendency to bill you incorrectly. I prefer to have control when and how I pay my bills also for recurring payments there is "Dauerauftrag", which works perfectly fine.

  14. 99.9% seems way too high. This photo could just as well be taken in Germany.

  15. In Germany there'd be a road where those bike stands are and some construction site to improve the road and the bike stands would be in a shady corner to the side of the building.

  16. No, that's Berlin you're describing, not Germany.

  17. More like Düsseldorf or Cologne :-)

  18. To me that is somewhere between WTF and bizarre. Seems like the visitors are enjoying their little car launch spectacle. It's definitely an interesting way to celebrate a national holiday.

  19. Serious question, countries like Switzerland are already in Schengen and the EEA and various other blocs, isn't their deal pretty much "we are basically in the EU, but with some exceptions, and also no voting rights"? What are the advantages over straight up joining?

  20. The EU is not compatible with Swiss democratic values and system.

  21. Nah it could also just be really weird genetics. Gator autism that happens to make him pretty domestic.

  22. Hm finde ich nicht - wie bei allen Subreddits kommt es halt erstmal darauf an wie politisch dieser ist und wie offen die Moderation für verschiedene Meinungen sind, auch wenn diese verkehrt oder erzkonservativ oder sogar reaktionär sind. Ich sehe es eher so das Gesellschaftlich sich einiges getan hat und Aussagen die vor 20 Jahren vielleicht noch als normal galt heutzutage schon eher rechts ist. Siehe zB. die Debatte um den Mohrenkopf oder *_- Worttrennungen. Wenn man diese Veränderungen ablehnt wird man schnell in die rechte Ecke gesetzt. Persönlich finde ich auch das es inzwischen alles immer sehr schwarz-weiß gemalt wird. Entweder dafür oder dagegen, man kann nicht einfach ein bisschen dafür sein oder ein bisschen dagegen.

  23. It was when I noticed how much more free I was about my actions and how to me it felt more "heroic" than the usual number crunch and measuring distances or figuring out if enemies are in view or not etc. the whole "fictional combat" and "narrative roleplay" basically.

  24. Was sind das für weird Griffe?

  25. Für geschwungene Lenker. Oder meinst du den Flügel ganz allgemein? Die sind an Mainstreamrädern inzwischen - gefühlt - verbreiteter als nicht. Kannste halt die Handwurzel drauflegen.

  26. Den Flügel allgemein, sieht eher so wie Seniorenrad Austattung oder so aus aber ok. Ich bin happy mit meinen ODI grips, aber ich trage auch Handschuhe.

  27. Da hat ihn jemand schlecht vorbereitet bzw. eine schlechte Rede geschrieben. Ist ein peinlicher Fehler, aber so was kommt vor. Eine Entschuldigung bzw. kleine Aufklärung wie es zu diesem Faux-Pas kam wäre angemessen.

  28. You can get S-Rank without less lethal firearms. Our shotgunner only uses slugs and they definitely have enough punch.

  29. Dogs can scent almost on a molecular basis, of course they can scent when we are stressed. SMH

  30. He says "It's not safe for you" but means "It's not safe for me". I'm not familiar with the extent of what US cops can do but barring orders are pretty standard in most countries and can be issued during a traffic stop. He could have also just asked both of them to move to the parking lot that was close by. Safer for everyone.

  31. Can’t do that solo. Also can’t do that when you’re the one peeking a corner trying to get compliance from someone at the other end of a hallway so your team can enter without being shot. Also can’t do it with the AI team mates, because they won’t hold down a shot on the guy, they’ll just shoot him. I already said I’m not a noob and I don’t really need a bunch of people going “well duh why don’t you do this” I don’t do it cause it’s not practical for my situation.

  32. I'm always surprised how many people play this game solo. Sure, for the the companion AI is not beneficial - to put it nicely.

  33. My parents just said ok and never brought it up again and that was perfectly fine. They went to church every now and then, I didn't and that was perfectly fine. They prayed at dinner sometimes and I just was silent while they prayed and it was perfectly fine.

  34. I would not be surprised if it was the US after the statements in the past, however I also see the possibility of Russia just creating chaos/disarray.

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