1. That smol albino pleco in the back omggg! You have an absolutely stunning tank mate! That's a piece of art you should be extremely proud of. Well done! The fish live in a true paradise

  2. Ill take the dead rat on the ground. Is it still available?

  3. I.... hahahaha didn't notice until you mentioned 😂

  4. How about trans man getting a realistic working weener too, that'd be rad honestly

  5. Idk, some of us are happy with phalloplasty or other bottom surgery options. Kinda rude to imply it "doesn't work" and looks unrealistic.

  6. I didn't mean it in that way, we were talking about a realistic functioning uterus, so I implied it in the opposit way so a fully funcionig weener that's 100% accurate. No hate as a phalloplastic person myself :)

  7. This is over exaggerating, it's usually half of the space this one got. Sorry I had to hahahah

  8. Oh my gosh 😭 the same thing happened to me... I went on vacation, got a pet sitter (my SIL) and gave her thorough directions.

  9. I'm so so sorry to hear that. It wasn't your fault, she really needs to think about how unresponsible she was... I asked my sister to feed my fish ONCE because I had to work a nightshift, and yet she forgot... it isn't nearly as bad as your story but it shows that people that don't own/care about fish do not have the responsibility to take care of them sadly.

  10. I'm 5.9 (1.73m) and about 100 pounds (46kg)

  11. I've been subscribed to On That Ass for 2 years now, every month you receive a new boxershort with a unique design, they look really cool and fit so well! Also with packers.

  12. My thyroid doesn't work due to a disease (Hashimoto's) so I don't make hormones at all, thus why I need tl take medicine with it. I got my first period when I was only 9 years old. I never told my mom when I had it, didn't use pads or anything and just hid my bloody underwear, until my mom found out that all my underwear was missing.

  13. I feel you, I'm also a binary masc trans guy who is pansexual. I can never seem to find someone because I always get fatishised and stuff.

  14. Hell yeah mate, you are! Biology means nothing nowadays :D

  15. miles mckenna probably, we had a very similar journey with everything lgbt+ related & i started watching him whilst he identified as a cis lesbian and was one of the first trans youtubers i watched even if he wasn’t out as trans back then

  16. This is a Bristlenose Pleco, at this young age they usually do not grow bristles yet, also if it's female it grows very minimal ones. It's one gorgeous pleco tho! Good luck with it mate

  17. It's hard to tell from this video, it could be damage from other fish nipping at it. If you try to get a better/closer look at it maybe we could help you better. I myself have a couple of 2 black veil angels which one of them had a disease when I got her as well, so I do know some things about it :) Good luck! It's looking gorgeous

  18. Add some live plants in there, that would look really good

  19. It looks like a tumor to me, I'm sorry. Beautiful fish nonetheless!

  20. Idd ik ook, op een goede dag makkelijk 35k omzet, echt niet normaal hoeveel geld daarin omgaat. Heb vaak zat de omzet moeten melden aan het eind van de dag, sommige dagen over de 50k. Idd 0 medelijden

  21. Gelijke kansen by Alice Olsthoorn (Equal chances by Alice)

  22. Second this. It definitely isn't a galaxy pleco, the spots are to big and there are too few for it to be a galaxy

  23. You look like a Joy to me, might be because of your mesmerizing smile that just looks too good on you :D

  24. I don't really think so But maybe look how much it can support in the manual or website of purchase :)

  25. The first one is a Bristlenose Pleco, the second one looks like an albino to me. They look good!

  26. It doesn't, in my opinion, just worse :( I'm so sorry for your loss ♡

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