1. I don't know why we hold joe to this high standard. He's barely smarter than like Wanderlei.

  2. I love Joe on commentary but idk anyone who holds him to a high standard

  3. I hope Yankees fans look back and say that Stanton’s contract has been worth it

  4. i remember being awake all night cause i couldn't sleep after the rumors that we were trading for him lol, i've been a fan of his for years so he'll always be worth it imo.

  5. it's really unfortunate because he's so good, 93 of his Yankees HRs were his first year, and the last 2 years. the other 7 are from 2 other seasons where he only played 41 total games.

  6. I mean I don’t like Dave Chapelle but I’m so incredibly hyped for this. RTJ4 was my favorite album of 2020.

  7. first thing i saw was he going back to LA so it wouldn't even matter for us if that's true

  8. He has four years of college play under his belt so there is already a lot of data to look at in terms of mechanics, scoring ability, cutting, and shooting. I think he is going to be a solid piece and am excited to see if he can keep getting better.

  9. he played 66 college games and only started 39 of them so idk wtf you're talking about

  10. I'm a Volk fan but it blows me away how much better he looks every fight

  11. i honestly think you will get at least 1 more ring out of this core

  12. Wouldn't even be mad tbh, I love Curry and my best friend is a Dubs fan.

  13. Yeah how the fuck did that even happen? We gave them Tank Commander Cory Joseph who lead them to the first pick and this is the thanks we get?

  14. the 3 of them each have 1 season of 60+ games in the last 4 years, so it all depends on their health/off court antics

  15. it's dumb but people also need to stop absolving her of any blame, i smoke all the time and wouldn't even think about having any kind THC at an airport in fucking Russia

  16. if he gets a ring with whatever team he ends up on then that franchise and fanbase won't give af about those picks

  17. oof no don't do it, not after we won 4+ championships, what will we ever do

  18. then you who can’t shoot for shit shouldn’t call one Westbrick then.

  19. we're not professional basketball players where one of the biggest parts of the job is to know how to shoot

  20. He said the same shit before the draft. Somebody get this man off TV

  21. It always happens with bad teams, like it's not that they don't make bad moves but any move they do is immediately interpreted as bad.

  22. It's lottery protected in 2024, top 12 in 2025, top 10 in 2026, and if it doesn't covey by then it becomes 2 2nd rounders. It's a solid trade since Harkless and Holiday were meh at best.

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