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  1. If you are okay with straight people kissing in children movies. But not same sex.

  2. Humans are the results of billions of years of evolution. If we had aquired the ability to fly at some stage past in our evolutionary path we might have then not gotten to the development of higher cognitive functions that distinguish us from other animals and that allow us to be God's imagers.

  3. It’s god… he could have us at any cognitive function he wants…

  4. He could have chosen a different path to get to humans, sure.

  5. My point is, he could have done so, but didn’t. He created us in a limited state.

  6. I appreciate them like I appreciate different eye colors

  7. Happy for you. I have yet to find a woman who will :/

  8. This makes me laugh, mens sperm tastes awful but women swallow all the time! Pony up boy and swallow some fake cum ;)

  9. Does like a good diet, and eating fruits and drinking lots of water make it better? Or is that just a myth?

  10. He does everything. Good. Unpleasant. Bad. Even the things we perceive as bad, but for the Believer, everything that happens to them is for their ultimate good. For the unbeliever, there is nothing that is done for them that is good. Even if they are multi-millionaires and have all their fleshly desires appeased, those are just coals being poured on their head.

  11. So a world with god sucks just as much as a world without… huh

  12. No. The world without God is certainly much worse as there is no accountability. Before making such remarks, I suggest studying up such things.

  13. How is there even accountability now?

  14. Wanting to be worshipped is a sign of imperfection

  15. Worshipping God is for us, not for Him. He does not benefit from our worship; we do, and He wants what is best for us.

  16. We get punished if we don’t worship him.

  17. I'm sorry to say this, but your parents are kinda stupid to think that gays deserve to die because of how they are.

  18. Religion can make people do crazy things

  19. Tomorrow all my remaining shit on nexo and Coinbase are getting moved to a wallet

  20. Besides drive or anything actually serious pretty much anything

  21. Man get you a good buzz then smoke some pot!!! That's the key right there, for me anyways! I have to stay clear of alcohol and just smoke pot because doing both is my ultimate addiction and leads to my sex addiction!!!

  22. Sex and porn addictions are brutal man

  23. UK and US. Russia is currently being spanked by German equipment.

  24. That is true. I’ll just sub Canada and France in for Russia. Tho France my tap out quick

  25. or, more likely, they'll just be using horses and swords again

  26. They have Olympic training for raising the surrender flag

  27. And $0 on heating (must live in Hawaii for this to work)

  28. Black guy let off at the very beginning and got taken down

  29. That man’s entire bloodline felt and heard that punch

  30. The scale is purposely subjective. A big reason for it is to see how bearable the pain is for you so your doctor can decide what/if you need pain management. At a 3/4 maybe some Advil. 9/10 probably something a little harder and likely a bigger underlying issue.

  31. Go for it. There’s non theistic religions. There’s classical theism. Deism. Hell just believe whatever you want, just don’t be toxic

  32. Left the church recently, much to the dismay of parents. The guilt remains but at least I'm adjusting to a Sunday sesh. Make that 'seshes.'

  33. I left and church and my faith last year, hurts sometimes remembering my entire family crying in-front if me. Mom and dad cried for weeks.

  34. If you’re talking religious guilt, it’s a trauma that affects many. I still struggle with it, but mostly for seggsy time.

  35. I’d prefer it’s close to my body count tbh

  36. Plot twist. The Jesus dude wouldn’t recognize himself. And I’d fuck his mom

  37. By the looks of the first 20 comments people have and are getting vastly different answers

  38. I watched a restrained woman get her feet tickled by two different men. I am not into feet, but I am into restraint and tickling. IDK, man.

  39. Yo I did too. Way more than I’d like to admit tbh

  40. Maybe I’m just an ass guy but doggy is the best

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