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  1. I saw "almost fucked my dog" was like ok normal cursed comment scrolled away then was just like wait 4?!?

  2. My favorite is either werewolf or the new nemesis one in the item shop

  3. Moves three spaces horizontally and one sideways

  4. The quickest way to get combat xp in hypixel skyblock????

  5. My shoulders are very uneven ones an inch highly than the other and it's noticeable

  6. Am i the only one whos not a fan of it ?

  7. Your not the only one but you might need to realize what your doing wrong

  8. If u are repeatedly saying gas and ur car is already full of gas there will be no affect

  9. Especially in Europe where gass is super expensive.

  10. Love is a pretty constant tradition no matter where you are in Mexico or the world

  11. Yeah lol, though how did you find this post after so long from it being posted?

  12. Around 3,000 degrees. I was messing with homemade fireworks and one accidentally went off infront of me. I got second and third degree burns on my hands and first degree burns on my face. My hands turned white and swelled up quite a bit. It was like a bad sunburn on my face.

  13. Damn that sounds like it sucked I know what you mean by crackled like bacon but its only happened for 1 layer of skin for me but to hurt for weeks that must have taken a lot of skin off

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