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Hold up, what was that?

  1. Honestly this dodge attack change is stupid and unneeded, there's no reason to dodge attack anymore, just delete it completely, players still gonna spam with lights or hyperarmor

  2. Bought it today and played for 3 hours, holy cow this game is good

  3. Yeah, from Steam, saw it on sale, didn't expect this game to be good for that price (15TL≈1 dollar)

  4. I knew that Saudi Arabia prince wasn't that religious like others from their family, but didn't expect this news, good sign

  5. I like this Arc, so spicy and interesting , didn't know about him before that Minecraft tweet, he's funny and brave

  6. Yeah, i hope its not too, looks interesting, was hyped for Ashes of Creation, but month subscription made me lose all interest for that game

  7. I don't really understand why she care about some degenerates who were bitching about her wanting to play some game

  8. She was bullied in Japan for being half American and half Japanese. Then she gets bullied by twitter mobs for wanting to play Hogwarts.

  9. Oh, i only saw some funny clips with her, didn't know about japanese bullying, well that sucks

  10. Yeah, it took me 2 weeks to get used to the game after 2 years

  11. Is there a way to keep fires from spreading??

  12. It's would be really cool if trucks were working like that in Zomboid

  13. Just join Vikings and forget about it

  14. First it was tab target combat system, now it's published by amazon games, this game is already dead

  15. You can try make game harder with Cryogenic Winter/Susceptible with slow sprinters

  16. Yes, from samurai faction i only liked Hito

  17. Why do they keep letting them live there ? Just deport them to their beloved county

  18. Is she really that OP ? For me she feels clunky/weak and slow, the old version was better

  19. Hitokiri, scare and annoy your enemies

  20. Here is a step-by-step guide that I exactly did: (do it in order)

  21. 20-30 fps gaming in Raven Creek against horde of sprinters is the hardest difficulty

  22. Now show me shugoki with that dance animation

  23. I love that game, especially night levels

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