1. TXPX says:

    No the biggest MVP in the dance is Roddy the Ruin

  2. TXPX says:

    Loose yourself is imo the better song (and i also like it more)

  3. TXPX says:

    Infinite, my name is, the way i am, sing for the moment, like toy soldiers, beautiful, no love, rap god, river, fall, godzilla, book of rhymes

  4. TXPX says:

    Finally someone that shares the hate for the S!!

  5. TXPX says:

    Final verse of Lose yourself. People seem to ignore it because it’s overplayed but it’s still brilliant

  6. TXPX says:

    How is lose yourself not in this list. As well as 8 mile and rabbit run

  7. I think Dunk & Egg/Blackfyre Rebellions, or Roberts Rebellion

  8. TXPX says:

    Latter two aren’t in development afawk

  9. Didn’t they confirm Dunk & Egg a bit ago?

  10. TXPX says:

    Yes and no. It’s confirmed to be in development but the season isn’t officially ordered. Same with all the ones I mentioned in the post. That’s why I don’t know why people always comment Roberts Rebellion or Blackfyre cause those ones aren’t in development afawk.

  11. TXPX says:

    Sing for the moment, til I collapse, Deja Vu, without me

  12. TXPX says:

    For me Encore had the higher highs and lower lows compared to Revival.

  13. TXPX says:

    I first thought it was clouds too but it wasn’t, it was mist. Them being above the clouds doesn’t make sense as well

  14. TXPX says:

    I obviously haven’t seen much but from what I’ve seen old rhaenyra doesn’t have the charisma of young rhaenyra but I’m open to be surprised

  15. 30 y.o. woman is old for you? If you've seen a scene with the dagger and still say this bs it's obvious you know nothing lol

  16. TXPX says:

    Lol I didn’t say Emma Darcy is old she’s just the older version of rhaenyra. I’ve seen the scene and I think she’ll be great I just think after the season most people will think milly Alcock had the stronger performances of the two.

  17. TXPX says:

    Imo the slim shady lp isn’t top 3 em albums and guilty conscience is overrated

  18. TXPX says:

    Dont take it too serious ;)

  19. Being part of the lgbtqa+ community myself, I just have to remind everyone that the reality we’re living in is that the more we try to press for public acknowledgement of constantly widening gender/sexuality labels the more pushback we’re bound to receive as a result. Our society by and large is a lot more centrist than progressive so gender/sexuality acceptance realistically only goes so far.

  20. TXPX says:

    Finally someone who understands it! There are a lot of people coming over as homophobic (use this as a general LGBTQIA’s+) term that don’t have anything against LGBTQIA people and how they live their lives, they are just annoyed by all this agenda.

  21. TXPX says:

    Badly phrased by me. With agenda I basically just meant what aidenanime fan said.

  22. TXPX says:

    Sign for the moment, soldier, the way I am, Tim I collapse

  23. TXPX says:

    Such s great work!

  24. TXPX says:

    I really like it. The hook by Ed is actually very good and I like Ems verses and energy on it. Nothing ground breaking but a song I go back to quite regularly

  25. TXPX says:

    That one shot with Syracuse lighting the fire looked so bad

  26. TXPX says:

    I really really liked is this love

  27. TXPX says:

    Milly is so damn beautiful, I can’t understand people

  28. I don't think any of this songs will be in my top 25, but you've got a nice list :)

  29. TXPX says:

    Deja Vu is brilliant

  30. TXPX says:

    No rap game in your top 19??

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