1. I started wearing a shower cap to prevent my hair from getting wet/damp (game changer!) and I look completely ridiculous in it. When my husband saw it he laughed and I was prepared to defend myself but he said “no, you’re so cute in it!” He thought it was silly and adorable. I’ve dated guys in the past who would be jerks about it - life is way too short for that kind of nonsense.

  2. Where do you all find these sweet partners that actually care about you? I’m tired 🥹

  3. If you're with me and you use ranged LB on a fresh double+ pull of trash, even if you bloody miss because aiming that thing can be weird at best, even if you basically afk otherwise, you get my comm unless the support bros pull something incredible out of their ass. No questions.

  4. It's so satisfying too to see a huge group of hp all drop at once. It's my favorite form of mitigation.

  5. I’ve had my hair colored previously by another stylist who gave me dark auburn hair and hot roots when I was going for this ginger color. I’ve found a much better and experienced hair stylist/colorist now who gave me the shade and dimension that I’ve been looking for (:

  6. Your colorist did a really good job- reds are superrrr hard to both nail and maintain- I’m a natural ginger but I balayage it- I suggest getting yourself the Davines alchemical shampoo, or my personal favorites: gemlites in tourmaline or fire opal (tinted shampoo really keeps the color fresh) the colour refresh mask from Maria Nila in bright copper is great too!

  7. I think the Susano big sword block is still my favourite.

  8. "Frankly, considering how many blows to the head I've taken, I'm lucky I haven't forgotten my own name."

  9. Climate change, video games, ideas and inventions, Computer Science, music, and nature in general.

  10. I told him and he rejected me, now it’s awkward between us as I feared. Hopefully I’ll find someone in the future

  11. The post-credits almost made me cry with joy, like…that was beautiful 😭

  12. I went today and it was amazing, I watched it in Imax 3D. They did a great job with honoring T'Challa/Chadwick. The scenes were beautiful and I really love the post-credits (: we all clapped at the end

  13. I picture the humans doing this the first time we find alien life. The aliens just sitting there watching in awe. Even one alien joined in! Then we have a good laugh and the aliens kill us for only having twerking as a skill.

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