1. I'm funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown?

  2. I highly recommend the tv show “Westworld”. It could be like the show, but we are the “robots”.

  3. So, that is the message of the show. The robots represent normal people and their place in the world.

  4. Do you think handcuffs would stay on to his gooey Cheeto stained wrists, greased up from all the hamberders

  5. No, his hands are smaller than his wrists. They'll have to cuff him by the cankles.

  6. Fun fact - the aircraft used in the original Top Gun, the F-14 tomcat, is about as old as the Spitfire was when the original Top Gun aired.

  7. If they can avoid the initial flames, then they are likely hunting around the burned areas, as burns grow like mad and draw in game.

  8. Until the general public has full access to the body of data surrounding UFOs, any and all ideas about what they are can only amount to speculation at best, and lies at worst.

  9. Agree with your post, but would like to mention the distinction between reasonable speculation supported by what people say and experience, and unreasonable speculation where people posit positions based solely on their own opinions.

  10. Before ATS became a political battleground, there used to be a lot of UFO threads. And the most ridiculous ones had dozens of pages. And then sightings that had merit had a handful. It was baffling to me. There was one thread that was literally about a white umbrella on a back porch that had dozens of pages. Then another about a well known case had maybe 3 pages. It was hilariously bad.

  11. Pumping easily discredited "sightings" is an incredibly effective tactic, and they've (behind the scenes MIC dicks) been doing it since before Bluebook.

  12. When the GOP eventually takes away Social Security it will just be for the young. The olds will get grandfathered in, and likely we will still have to pay in to it.

  13. Mentioned that possibility to my Q-adjacent progenitor a few years back, he was totally fine with it, even felt it was owed him.

  14. Haha, my mom died last year and fuck my Father, so I am all for getting rid of Social Security, since I am never going to see a penny.

  15. SS is solvent when not being raided for the general fund. At least it still was a few years back.

  16. You get lots of sex for a few weeks then the nightmare begins in earnest.

  17. They should have oet him. Itwould have made it harder for Trump to deny involvement

  18. The mob would likely have been successful had Traitor 45 been there.

  19. The bigliest, best, most unbelievable bottles ever, believe me!

  20. I know the answer(s), but why on earth did people continue to work for and with that imbecile and aid and abet in his grift

  21. I'm old enough to remember when giant squid were cryptids.

  22. Are the Top Gear boys designing Transnistrian scout vehicles now?

  23. If there is a first hand account to accompany this photo, please share. If there is not a first hand story, please remove this post as this type of content is exactly why so many people shit on the idea of Sasquatch.

  24. Take your power back. Find an empathetic friend with a .22 and start there. Make the gun your tool, not the tool of your abuser.

  25. If you're in Washington, I'd be happy to meet up with you. I have a couple .22 revolvers and some other small caliber arms which aren't so jarring to practice with.

  26. She's actually really good at painting and drawing, I've already told her she should try painting it or something. And I have a place called "Expedition Bigfoot" they take reports there.

  27. This sounds like a Sassy which is accustomed to humans and probably haunts that area frequently. If there is a place on your property a Sasquatch might use, and a human would not, please have your wife try painting a picture of a human WITH a Sasquatch at that location, leave the picture, some fresh paper and markers, and maybe some apples. These things are smart and creative, you might get something interesting.

  28. Cool idea. We know that other mammals like elephants and apes are able to figure out things like their own reflection and that putting paint on canvas leads to markings on that canvas. Look at elephants “painting” with a brush. If BF is as smart as some believe, it could maybe recognise the purpose of things like the paper or chalk and try to mimic the drawing. Worth a shot anyway!

  29. They seem to be pretty aware of our gizmos and what they do. I bet Bigfoot is at least as inclined to artistic expression as an Orangutan or Chimp, likely more so in my unsubstantiated opinion.

  30. AK pattern 12ga are too much fun. I love my Saiga knock-off, total recoil therapy.

  31. Some of us shop at supermarkets, not haughty high end stores full of staff waiting to seal and eco package your groceries.

  32. Have you considered engaging your bootstraps to cover the possible fraction of a cent this will increase grocery prices?

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